Cooking Microwave

cooking microwave

In the earlier days, Microwave oven was a style statement. It was luxurious equipment in all rich kitchens. However, because of the inefficiency of the old microwaves and its high prices, people started to keep off from buying microwave ovens. With the induction of technologically improved and cheaper versions of Microwave ovens, all situations had a turn around. People now cannot think of a kitchen without a microwave oven. Thanks for the innovations in the technology.The microwave ovens are classified into various ranges. There are compact microwave ovens, Large Microwave ovens, Convection microwave ovens, Cooking Microwave ovens, Combination Microwave ovens, etc. They are classified according to the features, size, and function. Let us see have a look at what the Cooking Microwave ovens can do.


Cooking microwave ovens are those microwaves, which can cook food. Cooking microwave ovens are generally high-end models. In small microwave oven models, cooking is not possible because of limited space and the smaller power levels. The microwave ovens with digital functions are better than the manually operated one. The manually operated cooking microwaves need more attention as it may cause over heating or boiling of food. But in an automatic or digitally controlled Cooking Microwave Oven, the timings can be adjusted as needed so that the cooking process will be stopped, automatically, as the time bar finishes. This enables perfect cooking and hence delicious savoury.


There are several brands of Cooking Microwave ovens available in the stores. Prices of the cooking Microwave ovens differ according to size, features, colour and finishing. The built-in featured cooking microwave ovens may cost little higher. The brands presently in the market are AEG-Electrolux, Bosch, Electrolux, Candy, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, SMEG, Miele, etc. But the list does not end here. There are more European and international brands in the trail. Some of the popular models of cooking microwave ovens and their prices are given here.

  • Panasonic NN-A554 1000 Watts Convection / Microwave Oven- Starting price - £116
  • Sharp R959SLM Stainless Steel 900 Watts Convection / Microwave Oven - Starting price £159
  • LG MP9287NL 1300 Watts Convection / Microwave Oven - Starting price £190
  • Baumatic BTM25.2M Stainless steel 900 Watts Microwave Oven - Starting price £157

To choose the best Cooking Microwave Oven is a tough task. The companies are displaying the best of the products with newer and high-end technologies. For getting an idea about different models and features, it is necessary to have detailed study of it. This consumes so much time. So as to avoid your time lose, we are here to help you. In our website, we offer you all kinds of information that you need before buying a cooking microwave oven. We have customer reviews for each product. Apart from that, you will get details of the stores, cheapest prices, comparisons, etc. This saves your time and give you to-the-point information. We wish you a nice time of e-shopping through our website