Hoover Microwaves

hoover microwaves

Ever since its establishment in 1908, Hoover kept growing as an undisputable giant in the home appliances industry. Starting as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer in Ohio, Hoover registered as a company in the year 1919 at the United Kingdom. In 1985, it became a joint venture of Chicago Pacific Corporation, in the USA. After four years the Maytas Corporation acquired it. Again in 1993, a company called Candy S.P.A, in Italy, bought it and named it Hoover European Appliance Group.


Now the company has grown and has employee strength of 1350 in the United Kingdom alone. Their strong presence shows the effect of its products among the people of the United Kingdom.


Microwaves are important part of modern kitchen. It reduces your working time as well as the hard work. Therefore, getting one microwave, that also of Hoover, is not at all a bad decision from you.


Getting into the details of the features will not alone help you to determine the quality of a particular product. Therefore, it is good to get it directly from the user’s end. Here we have some reviews by the customers of Hoover products (not necessarily Microwaves).


“Good Service since 1974” – from FB
"""...Reliable, Invaluable...""" – from TM


These are just two of them, but there are many reviews which claim the longevity of Hoover appliances. These reviews are clear signature for the reliability and trustworthiness of Hoover microwaves too.
Now let us see the various models of Hoover microwaves and its features. Basically, there are three models of Hoover microwave ovens, apart from the built in series. They are,

  1. Steam Microwave & Grill

    Product code:
    HMGS2597DBK UK

  2. Microwave & Combi

    Product code:
    HMC2596DBK UK

  3. Microwave & Gril

    Product code:
    HMG2595DBK UK

Some Key features of Steam Microwave & Grill HMGS2597DBK UK are, Steam Cooking Function; 25litre Capacity; 900 Watt Microwave; and 1000 Watt Grill. The features of Microwave & Combi HMC2596DBK UK include, Convection Oven Function; 25litre Capacity; 900 Watt Microwave; 1100 Watt Grill; 1400 Watt Combi. The key features of Microwave & Grill HMG2595DBK UK include 25litre Capacity; 900 Watt Microwave; 1000 Watt Grill.


The prices of the Hoover microwave ovens range between £150.00 and £650.00. The Hoover built-in combination microwaves are really good and it will satisfy your requirements for cooking.


While thinking to buy a new microwave oven, it is good to get the superior advice. That is why we are here. In this web site, you can get expert advice about various models of Hoover Microwave ovens and the cheapest prices available in the stores. You can also get the direct link to the stores which give you the best deals. We hope that you will enjoy our website.