Hotpoint Microwaves

hotpoint microwaves

Microwave or microwave oven is a new age kitchen appliance. It has become a much wanted appliance in the kitchen. It reduces your chore in kitchen and gives you sufficient rest. Microwave is a time-saver in the kitchen. The emergence of high-end technologies and manufacturing techniques has enabled the companies to crank up the ingeniousness of the microwaves or microwave ovens.


Hotpoint is one of the known brands in the United Kingdom, dealing with kitchen home appliances. Hotpoint was established in the early 1900s and till now they are in the making of intelligent kitchen appliances. The microwaves of Hotpoint are highly competitory products. Moreover, the technical expertise of Hotpoint is admirable. The brand values of Hotpoint are Intelligence, Comfort and style. They are also best in quality and post sales services. Therefore, buying Hotpoint microwave is a worth thing.


Hotpoint is pursuing high-end research works for updating their microwave oven technologies. Therefore the microwave ovens are user-friendly and easy to operate. The efforts of Hotpoint made it Number One White Goods Brand in the UK and it was voted as the UK’s Most Trusted Domestic Appliance Brand, continuously for eight years, in the every year survey conducted by Reader’s digest.


Hotpoint Company has launched many social service programmes like, Our Commitment to ChildLine, Our Commitment to the Environment, etc. This clearly shows the company’s heritage and dignity. They value the customers highly. Hence they are able to give good customer care services.


Hotpoint microwaves have very few models. But all of them are the best in the category. The microwave ovens of Hotpoint and its main features are listed below.

  1. Tech MWHZ33I
    Height (cm) : 46.8
    Width (cm) : 59.5
    Oven Type : microwave with fan and grill cooking
    Functionality : Electronic
    Pasta Function

  2. MWH211
    Height (cm) : 30.5
    Width (cm) : 50.8
    Oven Type : microwave oven
    Functionality : Electronic

  3. Style MWH221I
    Height (cm) : 36.8
    Width (cm) : 59.8
    Oven Type : Not available
    Functionality : Not available

The prices of the Hotpoint microwaves are affordable. The cheapest price available for Tech MWHZ33I is £546.99; that for other models-MWH211 and Style MWH221I are £158.00 and £396.97, respectively.  Hotpoint microwave ovens have good quality and are intelligent machines. They have got good customer backings for the comfort, style and intelligence.


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