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lg microwave

Microwave oven or microwave is a useful machine in your kitchen. They cook food fast and make your task easy. Microwave oven can be operated even by a small child. Thanks to the invention of digital technologies. In this busy world the microwaves are indeed a boon to the kitchen.


There are several brands of microwave ovens in the market. All of them are equally best. When we consider the efficiency of the microwaves, one of the brands that come to every one’s mind is LG. It was started in 1958 bearing the name Gold Star. In 1995 it became LG Electronics and made its presence in the global market with the acquiring of the U.S. based company, Zenith. They have got many credits like the Producers of Korea’s first consumer radios; Introducers of World’s First 60-inch plasma TV; Developers of World’s First IC set for DTV; and so on. It is one of the few Korean companies that have got reputation in the United Kingdom’s home appliance market.


LG’s microwave ovens maintain high standards of performance. LG had many range of microwaves earlier. But now they have discontinued the distribution of some microwaves as they brought new and technologically advanced versions of old microwave ovens.


Nowadays, LG microwaves have the trade mark technology called DuoChef™ (Combination Oven with Double Fan and Recessed Turntable). LG DuoChef™ applies twin fan to convection technology and distribute the hot air inside the microwave oven evenly. Therefore, LG microwaves heat and cook food faster than the ordinary microwaves.


Design of the microwaves play a major role in according human needs and technology. In the effort to answer the new trends and give-out advanced wares to the customers, LG made its philosophy of microwave designing clear on the basis of four basic factors: Concept, Style, Interface and Finish. The structure, which they made on the basis of these four factors, boosted the quality of LG microwaves.


Presently there are two models of LG microwave ovens available in the stores. A few stores sell the stocks of old models too. The two models distributed by LG are,

  1. LG MC8088HR Microwave Oven
    With DuoChef™; Capacity: 31L; Dimensions: 360mm/14.2 Inches; Cheapest Price- £134.61
  2. LG MC8088HL Microwave Oven
    With DuoChef™; Capacity: 31L; Dimensions: 360mm/14.2 Inches, Stainless Steel; Cheapest Price- £118.75

There are no much customer reviews available for LG microwave ovens. However, the brand image and technological skills of LG gives a promising performance.


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