Miele Microwaves

miele microwaves

Microwave ovens are cooking appliances in a modern kitchen. Microwave ovens apply the property of heating of microwave radiations to cook food. The polarized molecules and the water contents inside the food get heated up fast because of that property. The concept of Microwave oven was devised by Percy Spencer in 1940s. The company called ‘Raytheon,’ where he was working at that time, helped him to make the first microwave oven. It was called “Radarange.” The microwave ovens are now widely used in all kitchens.


Miele is a famous microwave and home appliance maker in the world. Their base is in Germany. Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann founded this company in 1899. The motto of the company is “Immer Besser,” which means “Forever Better.” Miele is proud to uphold that motto even after 110 years of service.


Miele Kitchen appliances are costlier than other kitchen appliance makers. But the company demands the worth of the high costs because of its quality. In other words, it is “Forever Better.” You can trust Miele without any doubt.


All the customers of Miele Microwaves are satisfied by its performance. The Miele microwaves are unrivalled in quality, style and innovation. Moreover, Miele’s trustworthiness has now reached to different parts of the world. Miele’s manufacturing centers are in Czech Republic and Germany. From there they are exported to other parts of the world. This assures you best quality imported products from Miele.


There are several models of microwaves for Miele. The models available in the United Kingdom are H 5040 BM Microwave Combination Oven, H 5080 BM Microwave Combination Oven, M 8151-1 Microwave Oven, M 8161-1 Microwave Oven, M 8261-1 Microwave Oven, and M 8201-1 Microwave Oven. All of them have various features. Of these four models the costliest is H 5080 BM Microwave Combination Oven, which costs up to £2,015.00. The lowest of all the models is the M 8201-1 Microwave Oven, the cost of which is around £430.00.


The features of H 5080 BM Microwave Combination Oven include 43 litres Capacity; 3 shelves; Halogen lighting; 100+ Automatic programmes; Recommended temperatures; Recommended microwave output; Food probe; User favourites; and so on. But the lowest models will not have these many features. For example, the features of M 8261-1 Microwave Oven include Power levels 80 - 900 W; Grill; Rotary selector for microwave power, grill and combination of programmes; Clock display with deactivated function and night dimming; etc. This will not match up with the high-end models of Miele. However, Miele microwaves, either high-end or low-end, have the unmatched quality and performance.


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