Sharp Microwave Ovens

sharp microwave ovens

Microwave ovens are quite common in every house. It is because the microwave Ovens have shown the way for easier cooking. Microwaves have many advantages when compared to the traditional methods of cooking. They are time-savers and give enough time for you to take rest after cooking. Moreover, they reduce the space needed for cooking.


There are many manufacturers of Microwave Ovens. Off these manufacturers, the Japanese manufacturers are very few in number. But one of the companies from Japan that made its presence wide in the Europe is Sharp. Their expertise, showed in the whole ranges of home appliances, had a great effect in the whole Europe as well as the world. The introduction of state-of-art LCD technology by Sharp is a perfect example for the bank of cognizance they have in store. This makes Sharp a trust worthy brand in the home appliance market.


Moving to the microwave oven’s section of Sharp, they have wide range of Microwaves to choose from. They all are simple and elegant. The technological sophistication with the simplicity of operation of microwaves is admirable. The whole range of microwaves is a show-up of Japanese technological ingenious.


Sharp have mainly two segments of Microwaves- Solo Microwave Ovens and Combination Microwave Ovens. The major models of Sharp Solo Microwave Ovens include the following:

  1. R269WM 22ltr Microwave Oven: White
         Capacity: 22 litre; Power Levels: 5 x power levels
    Price: £69.99

  2. R269SLM 22ltr Microwave Oven: Silver
         Capacity: 22 litre; Power Levels: 5 x power levels
    Price: £69.99

  3. R269KM 22ltr Microwave Oven: Black
         Capacity: 22 litre; Power Levels: 5 x power levels
    Price: £69.99

  4. R27STM 22ltr Microwave Oven: Stainless Steel
         Capacity: 22 litre; Power Levels: 5 Power levels
    Price: £79.99

The customer reviews for the Solo Microwaves of Sharp, praises the compact size and the spacious interior deck. Simplicity of operation is also said as the positive part of Solo microwaves.


The models of Sharp Combination Microwaves are,

  1. R890SLM 26ltr Combination Microwave with Double Grill
         Capacity: 26 litre; Interiors: Stainless Steel
    Price: £169.99

  2. R86STM 26ltr Combination Microwave: Silver
         Capacity: 26 litre; Power: 900W Microwave Output; Grill: Double (1200W top quartz grill - 650W bottom grill): Interiors: Stainless Steel;
    Price: £179.00

  3. R959SLM 40ltr Silver Combination Microwave
         Capacity: 40 litre; Power: 900 Watt microwave output; Grill: 1400 Watt grill
    Price: £219.00

  4. R98STMA 40ltr Stainless Steel Combination Microwave
         Capacity: 40 litre; Interiors: Stainless steel;
    Price: £229.00

The customer reviews of the Sharp Combination Microwave Ovens are also good. They all praise its simplicity of use and quickness of cooking.


Analysing the whole facts, Sharp microwave ovens will be a great help in your kitchen. If you are really looking for the best deals available for Sharp Microwave Ovens, then you are in the right place. You can have a glimpse at the various customer reviews and the advantages and features of the Sharp Microwaves. Have a great shopping!!!