Siemens Microwaves

siemens microwaves

Usually in small apartments the kitchens are very small. In that condition, microwave ovens are a good alternative than the traditional methods of cooking. Also in a spacious kitchen, it gives the look of a smart kitchen. Therefore, microwave ovens are a necessary gadget in the houses.


The purpose of having a microwave at home varies from one person to the other. Some may need microwaves only to heat a mug of coffee, while others need it for frying and roasting. Therefore, the choice of microwaves differs for each person according to his or her use. For this purpose, the microwave manufacturing companies have come up with various models, to suit each one’s need.


One of the known companies, who manufacture microwave ovens, is Siemens. It is an age old manufacturing company from Berlin in Germany. It started in 1847 as a small workshop on the back of a building. Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske were the persons behind that.  They started it as a Telegraph construction company. Today the company had grown so big that it has its presence in almost all parts of the world and manufacture all kinds of home appliances.


All Siemens products are carefully designed and engineered to satisfy the customers. Owning a Siemens product is matter of pride for all people. The microwaves from Siemens also maintain the quality that the company claims to have. There are several models for Siemens in the categories of Combination Microwave Ovens, Compact Microwave Ovens and Simple Microwave Ovens. A total of nine models of Microwaves are available for Siemens.

  1. HB84E562B - Compact45 microwave combination oven
    Price range: £775.00 to £785.00

  2. HB86P572B - Compact45 multi-function pyroKlean oven with microwave
    Price Range: £968 to £1,095 

  3. HB86K572B - Compact45 multi-function oven with microwave
    Price Range: £830.00 to £940.00 

  4. HF25M5L2B - Microwave oven 
    Price Range: £460.00 to £530.00

  1. HF24M562B - Microwave oven 
    Price Range: £390.00 to £420.00

  2. HF15M562B - Microwave oven 
    Price Range: £345.00 to £352.00

  3. HF15M662B - Microwave oven
    Price Range: £295.00 to £310.00

  4. HF15M552B - Microwave Oven 
    Price Range: £330.00 to £340.00

The customer reviews of Siemens give a good praise to Siemens microwaves. They are good in design and function. This is all because of the sophistication achieved by Siemens after years of engineering tradition. The Siemens also give extreme care for environment and hence all their microwaves are environment friendly.


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