Small Microwave

small microwave

The world is going in a fast pace and everyone is in big hurry. This makes them look for faster technologies to do every work as fast as they could. Thus for cooking they found the best equipment- the microwaves or microwave ovens.
In this age of high-end technology, every home has a microwave oven, If not a large and expensive one, a small one at least.


The microwaves are equipments which uses microwave radiations to heat the food and cook. Microwave radiations heat the water contents and the polarized molecules in the food and thus heat the entire food stuff. This makes them faster in cooking.
The microwaves or microwave ovens are manufactured by various companies in Europe and outside Europe. The known brands of microwaves available in the United Kingdom are, AEG, Hoover, Hotpoint, Baumatic, Bosch, Belling, Candy, Electrolux, Miele, SMEG, NEFF and the list goes on and on.


Small Microwaves are the microwave ovens which do minimal work compared to large ones. They have a tad difference with the large microwave ovens. Their capacity is very less. The small microwaves are good enough to make luscious pop corn, snacks, or heat foods for a light lunch. They are not at all usable for higher levels of cooking.


For the people who could not afford high-end microwaves, the small microwaves can give a good deal. They are cheaper and reliable. Although they cannot be used for higher-end cooking, you can make use of it effectively.


Moreover, small microwave ovens are easy to operate and everyone in the home- from small kids to grandparents- can use it safely. They do not have sophisticated operations and hence anyone can use it without any difficulty.
Some of the models available for small microwaves are,

  • Panasonic NN-A554

  • Panasonic NN-E255W / NN-E225M 

  • Whirlpool MAX 25

  • Swan SSM600

  • Sharp R86STM 

  • Panasonic NN-SD466MBPQ

  • Bosch HMT85ML53B

  • Sharp R269SLM 800

  • AEG MCD2660EM 

  • Panasonic NNCT776S

  • Neff H5430

  • Hotpoint-Ariston MWH221K

  • Zanussi ZNF31X

This page is not enough to write the whole models.  The cheapest prices of the above Small microwave is between, £30 and £700.


Nowadays, the companies are wooing to gain larger markets. Most of them are in the research for making next generation microwaves. You can get technologically advanced small microwaves in the market now. All praise to the ingenious engineering spirits of the microwave manufacturing companies!!!


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