Stoves Microwaves

stoves microwaves

Microwave ovens are the modern kitchen appliances, which can make your cooking easier and time-saving. Microwave ovens use the microwave radiation to heat and cook the food. The microwaves are good alternatives for traditional electric and gas ovens. It saves time as well as energy. Microwaves are also environment friendly.The microwaves or microwave ovens are manufactured by home-appliances makers.


“Stoves” is one of the major home appliance makers in Europe. They have wide variety of products which include, Induction Cookers, Ovens, Hobs, and Grills. With a reputation of being in the home appliance industry for more than 80 years, Stoves provide hand-assembled and best quality microwave ovens. Their superiority in technology and design can be seen in their products. Although the cost of the Stoves Microwaves is a bit higher compared to other companies’ microwaves, you can assure the quality of the product. They have got several industry awards for the best practices in manufacturing and quality. The awards include the Domestic and General TEQ Award for Customer Service.


The Stoves ranges of models of microwave ovens available in the UK markets are given below with their peculiars.


Stoves S7E450MWCOMBI Accolade Range


Specifications include: 1000W; 32 Litre; Built-In; Combination Microwave Oven.

The price range is: £ 669.00 to £ 835.00


Stoves 600EF


Specifications include: 900W; 30 litre; Built-in; Microwave oven with grill -
The price range is: £ 328.00 to £ 340.00


Stoves Accolade range is specially designed to perfectly fit into the designer kitchens. They have all built-in features, which make it worth buying. Majority of the customer reviews are positive. Most of them love Stove products because of the quality maintained in the product, customer service and post-sale services. The post sale service offers include, One year Labour Warranty and Five Year Spare Parts Warranty. This will be an added advantage for you. But be careful before you buy a used Stove microwave oven as it may not give the best quality and efficiency. Always go to a company authored dealership. Otherwise it will cost you dearly.


The microwaves of Stoves will have something inspirational in all their designs. The microwaves and other products of Stoves are made by small and dedicated teams to give perfection in their designing, production and assembling. The panache, style and the quality of Stove products are always considered as matchless. Of all the qualities mentioned above, the customer service of Stoves is applauded.


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