Zanussi Microwaves

zanussi microwaves

Microwaves or Microwave ovens are used to cook food in modern kitchens. Microwave ovens use the heating property of microwave radiations to cook the food. The microwave radiations heat the polarized molecules and the water inside the food. This in turn heats the whole food. The Microwave Oven was invented by Percy Spencer in 1940s. He was then working in ‘Raytheon,’ a company involved in the making of radar based military gadgets. Raytheon made it available in the market bearing the name “Radarange.” Ever since, the microwaves became a widely used appliance in the kitchens all over the world.


There are various types of Microwave ovens available. They are categorised according to the functions and features. For example, the basic microwaves differ from conventional microwaves because of its minimal features and functions.


Zanussi is a well-known electronic appliance manufacturer. Being the first makers of gas cookers in Europe, Zanussi was established in the year 1916. They joined hands with Electrolux in the early 1980’s and entered into the family of electronic home appliance manufacturers. The microwave ovens of Zanussi are now a well known product. The elegance and compactness of the product is far appreciated. They have variety of models to choose from. This makes them more attractive to the modern world.


The models of microwave ovens, marketed by Zanussi, in United Kingdom are,

  • ZNM11X (26 litre; Microwave Oven);
  • ZNF21X (38 litre; Grill Microwave Oven);
  • ZNF31X (38 litre; Combi Microwave Oven and Grill);
  • ZNM11N (26 litre Microwave Oven).

The main peculiarity of Zanussi microwave is that the product installations are all built-in. This makes it easy for you to install the microwave without any external kit. They are specially designed to install even under the kitchen tops. Their most modern and unique ‘square’ design is a perfect fit to your designer kitchens. This helps you to have a smooth and hustle-free cooking process. As the company claims, the Zanussi microwave ovens are truly designed for living. Zanussi also claims that “their microwave ovens are an invaluable asset in your kitchen.” Yes it is!!!


The cheapest prices of the Zanussi Microwaves are given below,

  • ZNM11X- £300.00 to £339.99 (including VAT & Delivery)
  • ZNF21X- £438.00 to £463.00 (including VAT & Delivery)
  • ZNF31X- £510.00 to £530.00 (including VAT & Delivery)
  • ZNM11N- £299.99 to £308.99 (including VAT & Delivery)

The reviews of the customers say that the Zanussi microwaves are easy to operate. Also some reviews say that it keeps the kitchen clean. Also there are some negative reviews which say that it takes longer time to heat. Anyway, when we look the overall performance, the Zanussi microwave is a good option for you in the kitchen.


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