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aeg hobs

While modern world runs to shore faster than others do, there should be ample equipments to support you to keep up with pace that challenge them. These words are said to encourage you keep moving faster in this world. However, you will be asking, “how can I, if cooking requires more of my time?” No matter, it is possible now. Thanks to modern utensils that enhanced hi-speed cooking! Now, there are good electronic and induction cooking utensils, which speed up your chore inside kitchen.

Hobs are such new-age cooking utensils that are commonly used in modern kitchens. These Hobs can be otherwise called as cooker tops or heating tops. Hobs are counter top heating or cooking equipments. They heat faster than other heating utensils and hence cook very quickly. Hobs rank at the top of most of the modern era cookers. 

There are several types of hobs such as electric hobs, gas hobs, ceramic hobs, etc.


Hobs are manufactured by major brands in and around UK. Several international companies have ventured into UK markets recently. Although the competition is tough and requires stringent quality measures to please consumers, all of them have stepped into it only because they can sustain those conditions in the market. AEG is such a brand that had been in appliance industry for several years. Since 1994, AEG is a part of world’s premium brand Electrolux. They have many million years of expertise that give quality products like washing machines, fridge freezers, fridges, microwave ovens, hobs, cookers, ovens, etc. Hobs manufactured by AEG-Electrolux are intelligent utensils because they have many modern technologies embedded in them. Some of the latest models of AEG-Electrolux models are,

  1. FM 4863K-AN- Front-line Future model wok surface induction hob

  2. FM4803K-AN- Front-line Future model Induction hob

  3. FM4800TYAN- The NEW Front-line Future model with Teppan Yaki surface for cooking

  4. FM4513K-AN- Front-line Future model Ceramic hob

  5. FM4500GR-A- Front-line Future model having barbecue grill with lava stones

  6. FM4360G-AN- Front-line Future model with size 36cm and gas glass wok burner

  7. FM4300G-AN- Front-line Future model with gas glass hob

  8. HK955070CB- Featured Maxi-sense 'flexible section' induction hobs

  9. HK854400FB- Featured Maxi-sense 'flexible section' induction hobs

  10. 76331KF-N- Ceramic Hob with 78cm size and multi-purpose and 1 triple Hilight® zone

  11. 96931KF-N- 5 zoned Ceramic hob.

  12. HK854220FB-  Four zoned induction hob with 80cm size and extra large dual zone

AEG-Electrolux has very good customer services, which is spread across all parts of the world. There is no doubt on the quality of AEG hobs because it combines expert engineering and modern technology. Therefore, you can trust AEG-Electrolux for your Hobs.


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