Baumatic Hobs

baumatic hobs

Baumatic is a company based at Berkshire in the United Kingdom. Being a family run company, Baumatic Company has stood strongly until now, directing large number of employees to achieve its aim of becoming a world leader in home appliance market.

They had prospered their technology within a few periods after starting in 1992. Baumatic manufactures all sorts of home appliances, which consist of refrigerators, cookers, ovens, hobs, microwaves, etc. Baumatic have operations in Australia, the Middle East Europe, New Zealand apart from UK and is soon expected to expand to other places as well. Engineering perfection and sedulous work exhibited by Baumatic’s employees have made them one among the leading home appliance manufacturers in the world.


Baumatic Hobs are multi functional and effective cooking devices. They are intelligent hobs when we consider the technology utilised in it. Baumatic Hobs are available in all sizes ranging between 30cm and 60cm. There are also various shapes available for hobs. This makes Baumatic hobs versatile and elegant in style. All these styles and sizes are built to suit the needs of each customer’s style. Baumatic hobs are classified into several categories such as Gas Hobs, Ceramic Hobs, 30 cm Domino Hobs, Electric Hobs and Circular Hobs. Again, inside each category, hobs are classified according to their size, colour and function. These classifications help you to choose the right hob, needed for your kitchen, very easily. Some of the models of Baumatic hobs with their short features are given below.

  • Baumatic B68TCSS- It is a Stainless Steel Hob

  • Baumatic P90SS Pythagora- It is a 90cm wide Front Control Gas Hob

  • Baumatic BHG602TCSS- It is a 60cm wide 4 Burner Gas hob

  • Baumatic PHG602- It is a 60cm wide gas on Glass Hob Black Glass

  • Baumatic BHC600- It is a 60 cm wide Ceramic hob with 4 hyper-speed Zone

  • Baumatic PVC2SS Pythagora - It is 30cm wide Ceramic Domino Hob

  • Baumatic BT62SS- It has Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pan and Crown Wok Burner with Stand

  • Baumatic B70-1BL- It is a gas hob with 60cm width

  • Baumatic BT62SS- It is a 60cm wide gas hob with 4 burners

Baumatic Hobs have good response in the appliance market. Most of the consumer reviews give a positive note. In addition, Baumatic has good customer care and support services that continue even after years of your purchase. Since Baumatic is present in all major countries, you can avail services all around the world.


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