Candy Hobs

candy hobs

Are you fed up with the daily chore in kitchen? Then you definitely need some modern equipment to make your cooking fast. Modern utensils are useful in your busy life schedule. When you go for old cooking methods, they will consume more of your time and thereby make your life strenuous. Hobs are modern equipments. Like any other modern electronic cooking gadgets, hobs are embedded with sophisticated technologies to make your cooking chore easy. They are made of various kinds of materials like ceramics, metal, sealed plate, cast iron etc. Hobs are also classified according to source used for operating it, i.e. electric, gas, fuel, etc.


Hobs are manufactured by many good brands in and outside United Kingdom. The major brand names include Candy, AEG-Electrolux, Samsung, Neff, Miele, SMEG, Zanussi, Hotpoint, Hoover, Bosch, Belling, Beko, Stoves, Indesit, etc. Apart from these companies, there are many other local and multinational brands in United Kingdom. Candy is one among the premiere brands that manufacture cooking hobs. Candy is an Italy based company with plants in China, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt, and Russia and so on. Their customer-base is also immense and has service in many countries. They are also the leading manufacturers of floor-care machines through their subsidiary Hoover. Candy had immense growth in the last few years and it is reflected in the quality of Candy products.


Candy hobs are genuine hobs from the house of Candy. There are several models for Candy hobs. Candy hobs are sleek and elegant in design. This is a main attraction for all those who love beauty of their kitchen. They range in width between 60cm and 75cm. They all hold high tech features that can make your cooking easy and simple. Some models of Candy Hobs that are currently available in shops are,

  1. PVD 742- Width: 75cm; Key Features: Touch Control and Hi-Light Ceramic Hob
  2. PVI 640- Width: 60 cm; Key Features: Induction Hob
  3. PVD 642- Width: 60cm; Key Features: Touch Control and Hi-Light Ceramic Hob
  4. PVK 640- Width: 60cm; Key Features: Hi-Light Ceramic Hob
  5. PVD 830- Key Features: Slim line Hi-Light Ceramic Hob
  6. PLE 64- Width: 60cm; Key Features: Electric Hob
  7. PGF 750/1 SQX- Width: 75 cm; Key Features: Iron Range Gas Hob
  8. PG 750 SQXGH- Width: 75 cm; Key Features: Plan Gas Hob
  9. PG 750 SQX- Width: 75 cm; Key Features: Plan Gas Hob
  10. PL 40 AXGH- Key Features: Gas Hob
  11. PA 640/2F- Key Feature: Retro Style Gas Hob

Concluding, Candy hobs are good hobs. In addition, Candy offers good post sales service to cater your complaints. If you are interested to buy Candy hobs, you can go further in this website to get model features, price comparison etc. has furnished all those information you need to know about various models of Candy hobs.