Electric Hobs

electric hobs

The traditional methods of cooking have become past with the coming of modern technologies. Many living in apartments have limited space for cooking, which made them dependable on modern kitchen utensils. Hobs are essential cook-mate in your kitchen. They are the modern utensils that make your kitchen smart and placated to your concepts of a kitchen. Modern hobs give all flexibility that you need while cooking. Electric hobs are new age hobs, which works on electricity. Electric hobs have hi-tech features to make your job simple. Touch control, temperature control, etc are fine cooking technicalities embedded in electric hobs.


Electric hobs have several classifications according to the materials used in its manufacturing. Most of the electric hobs use induction to produce heat. Such electric hobs are called induction hobs. Many electric hobs are made of ceramic materials. These hobs are called ceramic hobs. Ceramic hobs are the most popular electric hobs. Reasonable price, good control systems add to its popularity. Some electric hobs use halogen elements for induction since halogen elements heat faster than other materials. Such electric hobs are called halogen hobs.


In United Kingdom, electric hobs are high in demand. Small living space, especially apartment living, has coerced people to choose electric hobs. In big apartments, gas hobs are not seen much. This is because of lack of gas connectivity in high-rise buildings. Therefore, electric hobs are more viable in those places. Moreover, electric hobs can be easily moved from one place to the other. They are so slim when compared to gas hobs and other types of hobs. However, there is no cable attached to ceramic hobs. Therefore, an expert technician should assist you in fixing the ceramic hobs.


Many companies are manufacturing electric hobs. Of the famous brands in the world, majority have operations in United Kingdom. Major brands include Electrolux, Baumatic, AEG-Electrolux, Whirlpool, Zanussi-Electrolux, Hotpoint, Candy, Indesit, CDA, Bosch, Belling, Siemens, Samsung, etc. Since people in United Kingdom are oriented to quality-standards, all companies produce quality hobs to penetrate the market. Even though prices are reasonable, some premium brands have a tad hike in their product prices. Considering quality, all have very good technicalities that last longer. In addition, most of them have good customer care services.


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