Gas Hobs

gas hobs

Gas hobs are very popular because of their property to give good control and faster heating than any other hobs. There are very less chefs who cook food on hobs other than hobs, which use gas supply. This is because of the temperature variations that a gas hob can give.


While buying a gas hob, most of the people ask questions about safety it can offer. However, equipments are not responsible for accidents. When we are handling the utensil, it is our responsibility to follow precautions to avoid accidents. If not accidents will occur. Therefore, there is no point in blaming equipments for accidents. In addition, airy ventilation is needed in a kitchen for preventing such accidents. Hence plan for a good kitchen layout before you start cooking. If yours is a home kitchen then definitely, you should check the availability of “Fire Safety Cut Out” in gas hobs. They can prevent instant fire outbursts and explosions.


Since there are vast number brands and models of gas hobs, it is difficult to choose the right hobs for your kitchen. Major brands that sell their gas hobs in United Kingdom are Electrolux, Whirlpool, AEG-Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, Indesit, Candy, SMEG, Stoves, Hoover, Belling, Beko, CDA, etc. Apart from these, new brands keep coming to scene. All of them sell gas hobs at reasonable prices. However, some of them have very less price when compared to others. When you see the long array of gas hobs models in stores, you will certainly become dubious. Therefore, while choosing gas hobs choose it sensibly.


Gas hobs come in different sizes. The maximum size of gas hobs is 120cm. it is suitable only for large kitchens. The mid-sized hobs range between 60cms and 100cms. These sizes are ideal and normal for gas hobs. Small size gas hobs are called ‘Domino range hobs.’ They usually have a width of 30cm. In addition, they have maximum one to two burners or a single wok burner.


In normal gas hobs, there are four to five burners. One of them may be a wok burner. All burners have different sizes to provide various heating speeds. A large burner can give more heat than a small burner.


When it comes to style and design, the most popular finishing is stainless steel. Nowadays, glass finishes are also available for gas hobs. They look marvelous and help to keep the kitchen clean.


If you are looking to buy good gas hobs, you need to know the details of each brand and the models available with them. We know that it is difficult for you. That is why. we at are ready with all those details including price comparisons, cheaper rates at stores, etc.