Glass Gas Hobs

glass gas hobs

Various types of hobs are available in the market. Nowadays since the quality and durability of every home appliance is on par with the best, the people who love to have something new now prefer to have visual appeal with their hobs. So now it is aesthetic looks that play a major role in almost all types of hobs. Different parameters are there to manage the improvement of beautiful appearance of the hobs at their best. Colour, texture, materials used etc have a lot to do with the good looking nature of hobs. You can have different types of hobs even in the glass hobs.

Glass gas hobs, Glass induction hobs, Glass domino hobs etc are examples for it. A gas hob is the most popular among all the choices. As the name suggests a glass gas hob is a gas hob made of glass.  A lot of models of glass gas hobs are available in the market among which the commonly used hobs are having some characters. Usually a gas hob can be designed with bevelled edges made of a glass layer. Like a gas hob a domino hob also is available in glass.


Various types of textures are available in the market that is made of tempered hard glass bases. Usually these gas hobs are made available in 60cm and 70cm sizes. Among them flush fitting gas hobs also are there which are being constructed with brushed steel front trim and has been decorated along side with a black hard glass base that is tempered. A glass or a glass base always gives a healthy and nice appearance to your gas hobs. But as in the case of every other glass appliances, you should be careful while you handle them to use. If you failed to do that carefully there is a possibility of it to break. So handle it carefully and use it according to the instruction manual.


Almost all the home appliances manufacturers are in the field of glass gas hobs manufacture. AEG, Baumatic, Beko, Candy, Canon, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Indesit, Samsung, Siemens, Whirlpool, Zanussi etc are some of the examples for the companies that have done admirable business in glass gas hobs. All of them have several models of glass gas hobs are available such as AEG-Electrolux 99852GM, Bosch PPQ716B90E, Bosch PHL106CEU, AEG-Electrolux 79852GM, Smeg PVS 750, AEG-Electrolux 65807 GB, AEG-Electrolux 75857 G-B, AEG-Electrolux 79580 GB/GM, Bosch PPQ 726M90E, De Dietrich DTG 738 X, De Dietrich DTG 708 X, Neff T67F76N0 NL, Neff T 69S86 N0, Bosch PPP616B90E, Baumatic B 77 BL, Zanussi ZGG642CX, Bosch PRP626M90E, Bosch PRB 326B90E,Hoover HGV 7550 B, De Dietrich DTG 775 X, Caple C759G Caple 75cm Gas On Glass Hob ETC.


Since there are a lot number of models in glass gas hobs, you may not find it to be very easy to select a glass gas hob that is suitable for your needs and budget. To make this process easy for you the cheappricecompare compares all these models on the basis of your needs and affordability.  Browse on with us to find more and to have a comfortable online shopping.