Hotpoint Hobs

hotpoint hobs

“Quick cooking” is what modern people like. They have forgotten the older ways, which took too much time and even spoiled food because of lack of attention. Such situations created by old-method cooking, have made cooking a hated chore. However, those situations are going out of sight because of the induction of modern technological equipments used in Kitchens. There are many electronic and handy types of equipment used in kitchen. They include vegetable peeler, cookers, ovens, range cookers, large mixers, refrigerators, heating instrument, etc. Hobs are such equipments, which help fast cooking, and thereby increase your taste in cooking. They are necessary in all modern kitchens because they are the cooking surfaces of any cookers and stoves.


Several companies have established manufacturing units for making hobs. They are all good in production, quality and technology. Most of the companies try to thrive into the market with newest feature in their branded hobs. These hobs are good in features as well as function. Major brands that have extensive operations in United Kingdom are AEG-Electrolux, Siemens, Samsung, SMEG, Baumatic, Hotpoint, Hoover, Candy, Indesit, Electrolux, Whirlpool, CDA, De Dietrich, etc. Many other international and national brands are also operating in the United Kingdom. All of them jostle with one another to woo in maximum customers. That is why these companies try to invent new technologies, which can impress consumers. Hotpoint is a major manufacturer of hobs in UK. Hotpoint is a part of Italy based company Indesit. They have wide range of products other than hobs. Hotpoint manufactures washing machines, dryers, washer dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, ovens, etc.

There are 39 hob models for Hotpoint. Quality and efficiency is what Hotpoint contributes to its customers. Some models of Hotpoint Hobs are given here,

  1. GE750DX: WxD (cm): 75.0x51.0; Type of Hob: Gas; Make: Stainless Steel 
  2. GE75DX: WxD (cm): 75.0x51.0; Hob Type: Gas; Make: Glass 
  3. ET7424: WxD (cm): 69.0x52.0; Hob Type: Induction; Make: Glass 
    CRO 742 DO B: WxD (cm): 69.0x52.0; Hob Type: Ceramic; Make: Glass 
    GE641TX: WxD (cm): 60.0x51.0; Hob Type: Gas; Make: Stainless Steel 
  4. GF640K: WxD (cm): 59.0x51.0; Hob Type: Gas; Make: Enamelled 
    CIO 644 DD Z: WxD (cm): 59.0x52.0; Hob Type: Induction; Make: Glass 
  5. CEO 647 Z: WxD (cm): 59.0x52.0; Hob Type: Induction-Radiant/Halogen; Make: Glass 
  6. E604X: WxD (cm): 58.0x51.0; Hob Type : Electric Plates; Make: Stainless Steel

Hotpoint hobs have elegant designs, which suit all kinds of kitchen interiors. Hotpoint has good customer care facility. Therefore, you can get good post sales service.


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