Kitchen Hobs

kitchen hobs

Kitchen is a place where delicacies are prepared. Therefore, it deserves the honour to have the best utensils. All people try to give less notice to their kitchen because of the difficulty they face during cooking. However, modern technology has redefined the style of cooking and made it simple. There are sophisticated technologies that even automate the process of cooking. Several equipments like hobs, microwave ovens, range cookers, etc gave a sea change of transformation to the cooking chore. One of the modern cooking utensils is Kitchen hob. Kitchen hobs are cooking surfaces of cookers. They provide space for cooking, heating and boiling. Indeed, they are very useful equipments.


Kitchen hobs are mainly classified into electric hobs, induction hobs and gas hobs, according to their method of operations. Electric hobs work with electricity. The hot plates in electric hobs get heated first to heat the food items. Induction hobs can be said as a type of electric hob. This uses electromagnetic induction process to cook food. Gas hobs are hobs that work with the supply of gas fuel. Gas hobs are the most commonly used hobs in kitchens worldwide. Further classification of hobs is possible according to the make or the material used to manufacture hobs. Some examples of such classifications are ceramic hobs, glass hobs, halogen hobs, etc.


Kitchen hobs are familiar utensil in all parts of the world. Today there are very less kitchens without a hob. Gas Hobs are more familiar in households and hotels. They have the advantage of quick heating compared to other types of hobs. Nevertheless, some people, especially those living in high-rise buildings, use electric hobs or induction hobs due to non-availability of gas supply to the top floors. Concisely, Gas hobs have the advantage of fast cooking, while electric hobs have the advantage of easy handling while cooking.


All leading home appliance manufacturers have kitchen hobs models. They jostle to provide the best quality kitchen hobs with easy-handling properties. Some major brands operating in United Kingdom with their paramount kitchen hobs are Electrolux, Bosch, Siemens, belling, Candy, indesit, Hoover, Whirlpool, Samsung, Siemens, Zanussi-Electrolux, AEG-Electrolux, etc. These companies proffer quality hobs that render good services. To ensure continuing service, they have set-up good customer service programmes.


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