LPG Hobs

lpg hobs

A LPG hob is a kind of hob in which, the source of fuel to work the hob will be Liquid Petroleum Gas. They differs in various criteria among various types such as number of burners, type of ignition, work style of the installed burners and flame failure devices. Usually a gas hob with four or five burners includes features like flame failure devices, electronic ignition, and work-style burners. The flame failure devices detect the presence of flame on the burner and automatically turn the gas off when there is no flame. Such facilities bring more easiness, comfort and of course safety while using a hob.


Most of the manufacturers set their five- burner hobs with 70 cms width. In such a way almost all the models of LPG hobs have a lot of similarities among each other, even from different brands. Even though it is true that there will be a lot of similarities among these models, but you can also see a lot of style differences, that differentiates those models from each other. Their differences include colours, textures and materials of construction and styles. The cost effectiveness of the fuel, LPG also is one of the main attractions of an LPG Hob, which is available in the market.


Since it has a lot of advantages over other types of hobs, LPG gas hobs are the most popular among all the other types of hobs that uses different fuel sources especially electricity and so different manufacturers offer different models in it.  Almost all the home appliances manufacturers are there in the completion of hobs marketing and manufacture. Hotpoint 42362/3 LPG Sunken GAS, Siemens ER19050 LPG, Hotpoint BG45 LPG, Hotpoint 42396 LPG Sunken GAS, Creda 42341/2/3/4LPG, Hotpoint BG02 LPG, Hotpoint 42370/1 LPG Sunken GAS, Candy Pl640aw - 60cm 4 Burner Lpg Hob In White, Candy Pl640aw - 60cm 4 Burner Lpg Hob In White, Hotpoint HW170LIK LPG Cooker Black, CDA HCG500SSLPG Built-In Gas Hob, Cannon Carrick C60LCIW LPG Cooker White, Cannon Carrick C60LCIS LPG Cooker Silver, Cannon Carrick C60LCIK LPG Cooker Black, Cannon Connemara C50LCIK LPG Cooker Black, Cannon Connemara C50LCIS/1 LPG Cooker Silver, Hotpoint HW170LIW LPG Cooker Polar White, Cannon C50LCIW LPG Gas Cooker White, Zanussi ZGL62IW, Bosch PCD616DEU Gas Hob Black, Bosch PCD612DEU Gas Hob White, Bosch PCD616FEU Gas Hob Black          , Siemens ER14363EU Gas Hob Black, Siemens ER14163EU Gas Hob Black , Candy PV750SX Gas Hob Steel, candy PL40ASX Gas Hob Steel etc are some of the available models of LPG hobs in the market.


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