Miele Hobs

miele hobs

Hobbies contribute to our life in a huge way. There are hobbies like gardening, stamp collection, reading, cooking etc. Off these, how many people like to have cooking as their hobby? Most of you may respond saying, “don’t spell that word again, because we are fed up with that chore.” Is it not so? Such a response is because of the difficulty you might have faced in old methods of cooking. However, things are not the same now. New technology has overcome all the odds of cooking. Several cooking utensils speed up your cooking as well as make it easy for you. Hobs are modern age cooking devices.  They are now used in all kitchens. They are the cooking surfaces on which you can heat, boil or cook food.


Many companies in United Kingdom are indulged in marketing their hobs. Some major brands include Miele, Neff, Indesit, Hoover, Hotpoint, Samsung, Whirlpool, SMEG, Electrolux, CDA, Bosch, Zanussi, Belling, Candy, etc. Apart from these companies, many more brands market their home appliances in United Kingdom. The increasing demand of appliances has prospered all the investors in home appliance industry and gave way to more and more companies to invest in this sector. Consequently, the competition grew between these companies and they started producing human friendly appliances.


Miele is a famous brand in United Kingdom. They have their base at Germany. With several products at store, Miele was able to put an everlasting impression of quality among its customers. Hobs of Miele are classified into Gas Hobs, Hi-Light hobs, Induction Hobs, Tepan Hobs, and Combi Sets. There are nine models of Gas hobs, ten models of Hi-Light Hobs, eleven models of Induction hobs, two models of Tepan hobs and finally ten models of Combi Set hobs. All the models of Miele hobs are good in terms of features. They offer wide space to cook freely and without any strain. Moreover, they integrate wonderful designs with these functionalities. Miele also have well set customer care and post sales service programmes to assist consumers. Therefore, Miele hobs are trust worthy equipments in your kitchen. Some models of Miele hobs are,

  1. Miele KM400-2 Zone Ceramic hob
  2. Miele KM406-Gas Built in Hobs
  3. Miele KM412- Electric Built in Hobs
  4. Miele KM418- Electric Built in Hobs
  5. Miele KM371G - Gas Built in Hobs
  6. Miele KM405 SS- Gas Built in Hobs
  7. Miele KM417- Gas Hob
  8. Miele KM540- Electric Hob
  9. Miele KM548- Electric Hob

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