Neff Hobs

neff hobs

Hobs are multi-purpose utensils in your kitchen. They are helpful for several cooking patterns like induction cooking, burner cooking, electric cooking, etc. Hobs are one of the main-line cooking devices in your kitchen. They assist in many ways to make your cooking fast and easy. When cooking is finished fast, you will get enough time to relax and stretch your legs. Therefore, hobs give you sufficient rest during cooking. Modern hobs are designed elegantly and hence they look as smart utensils in your kitchen. Hobs are available in different colours like, black, stainless steel, glass, aluminium, graphite, etc. Concisely, hobs are useful and elegant utensils.


Many home appliance firms are indulged in making cooking hobs. All major brands in the world have their presence in UK markets. Since consumers in United Kingdom are specific about quality of the products, all brands try to establish strong base by making good quality products in the United Kingdom. Among the major brands that operate in United Kingdom, Neff is known for its technological advantages. Neff is a German company with a history of 125 years. It got into the United Kingdom with a wide array of kitchen appliances 30 years back. Since then it has impressed the people in UK with quality appliances. Neff hobs occupy good position in the consumer appliance market. Neff hobs are divided into Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1 and Domino ranges. They are classified according to the features, with Series 5 occupying the top of pecking order and Domino occupying the last spot.

There are five models in Series 5 category of hobs; thirteen models in Series 4; Eighteen in Series 3; ten in Series 2; eleven in Series 1 and six in Domino hob series.

In total, Neff presents 63 models of hobs. Some popular models of Neff hobs are mentioned below.

  1. T1113S2EU- Built-in Electric Hob
  2. T1113N2EU- Built-in Electric Hob
  3. T1113W2EU- Built-in Electric Hob
  4. T2646N1GB- Gas Hob
  5. T1583NO- Ceramic Hob- Stainless Steel
  6. T1683N0- Built-in Electric Hob
  7. T1643NO ST/ST- Built-in Ceramic Hob with Electric Supply
  8. N2462N3 ST- Built-in Gas on Glass Domino Hob
  9. N4263N0 ST/ST- Built-in two-zone Domino Induction Hob

Hobs of Neff are great in technology. You can expect good service from Neff, since they have very good customer support.
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