Samsung Hobs

samsung hobs

Are you fed up with cooking in your old hobs? Then, why do not you look for a change of hobs? They are cranky and dirty. Moreover, old hobs are extremely dangerous as they cause leak or some other decaying issues, which will cost you dearly if you keep using it. Once you feel that your hobs are out dated, look for a new hob that can suit your style of work. Hobs are now coming with added features and modern ignition systems. Safety measures are inbuilt in most of the hobs. This helps you for a safer cooking. In addition, modern hob elements are sophisticatedly crafted to give good results while cooking. Therefore, getting a new hob is always advantageous.


Many multinational brands are indulged in developing the technology inside hobs. They are researching to introduce new materials and technologies that can make hobs work efficiently. Among several brands in the United Kingdom, Samsung is a premiere brand from Asia. With high definition technologies in their hands, Samsung has been providing fine-quality home appliances in UK for quite some years. Samsung Hobs are true expressions for technological and engineering skills. At present Samsung markets only Ceramic Hobs and Gas Hobs. There are four Gas Hobs and three Ceramic Hobs for Samsung. The main features in Gas Hobs include automatic ignition and cut off, enamel coated stainless steel furnishing, good controls, spacious, etc. In Ceramic Hobs, the features include residual heat indicator, radiant cooking, smart touch control, etc. Some popular models of Samsung hobs are,

  1. C61RAAMST- Ceramic Hob with 4 heating elements
  2. C61R2AEE- Ceramic Hob with 4 heating elements
  3. C61RCAST- Ceramic Hob with 4 powerful heating elements
  4. GN642FFXD- Gas Hob with 4 burners
  5. GN642FFBD- Gas Hob with 4 burners
  6. GN752CFX- Gas Hob with 5 burners
  7. GN642BFX- Gas Hob with 4 burners

Samsung is a world known brand, with operations all across the globe. Hobs of Samsung are considered as one among their premiere products. Their technicalities are exclusive and very useful for daily cooking. Samsung has set up service centers to do post sales service. They have huge clientele and hence they provide good customer care. You can rely on Samsung products without any factor of doubt.


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