Siemens Hobs

siemens hobs

Kitchen appliances are looked on as essential components of good kitchen. They help you to work smarter and efficiently. Most of the present day utensils are electronic or technologically aided. They perform precisely as per the instruction given by the owner. They also facilitate one touch operation. All technicalities have contributed to the simplifying of cooking process. Hobs are one kind of utensil that are useful for cooking and heating of food. They form cooking surfaces for cooking food. Hobs also function safely so that user will not get hurt any time. Therefore, hobs are multi-functional for kitchen use.


Hobs are one of the most demanded utensils in the United Kingdom. Many companies offer variant colours and designs for hobs. Some companies have integrated sophisticated technicalities in their hobs models. These models function effectively than normal hobs in terms of easiness. Some major companies involved in the manufacturing of hobs are AEG-Electrolux, Siemens, SMEG, Hoover, Samsung, Electrolux, Indesit, Hotpoint, CDA, Bosch, Neff, Miele, Baumatic, Candy, Belling, Whirlpool, Beko, etc. Siemens, which is one among these companies, is an age-old home appliance manufacturing company. With their base in Germany, Siemens have operations in all major continents in the world. Siemens started its operation in UK more than 165 years ago. They have expertise in Automation, Drives and Motion Controls, Building technologies, market specific solutions, mobility, lighting, financial solutions,  IT solution and services, Communication networks, etc. Apart from these, they manufacture home appliances.


Siemens have good number of Hobs models i.e. around fifty-one. All the hobs models of Siemens are IQ rated, according to the intelligent features embedded in hobs. The IQ rates in ascending order are IQ 100, IQ 300, IQ 500, and IQ 700. IQ 100 has three models, IQ 300 has fourteen models, IQ 500 has eight models, and IQ 700 has 18 models. In short, majority of hobs from Siemens are having IQ 700 rating.  They have features like touch sensor controls, LED timers, Electric Control and Display, etc. Siemens have Induction hobs, Ceramic hobs, Gas hobs and Domino hobs with good IQ ratings. Siemens hobs have good consumer response. You can also expect good customer care from Siemens. Since Siemens has good years of experience in engineering, you can have the best technology in your hobs.


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