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smeg hobs

With the coming of modern utensils, kitchens got a sea change in look and function. Now, people have to spend only little time in their kitchens because technology has developed so much that every action can be recorded in memory and the whole system will perform automatically. Likewise, all equipments present in the markets are well designed to meet requirements of modern man. Hobs are good examples for such modifications. Good heating devices embedded in hobs help to cook easily and fast. Even materials on hob tops are made of various materials like ceramic, metal, iron, etc to increase its heating property. Some models of hobs have electronic controls and touch control systems. In short, modern hobs are crafted to suit our needs.


Many multi-national companies have ventured into manufacturing of hobs. One such company that has many years of experience in manufacturing kitchen utensils is SMEG. Started in Italy with an entrepreneurial vision, SMEG has passed 60 years of quality service in home appliance industry. It has grown to fame internationally because of the quality with an eye to detail even to smallest factors. The products of SMEG are styled and designed by doyens in industrial designs and architecture. Exclusive and original designs of SMEG are appreciated by all its customers. Hobs of SMEG are ergonomically designed to cater the style of cooking of different people.


Seventy-two models of hobs are available for SMEG. They are classified according to aesthetics make-up. These classifications are Piano Design, Evolution Design, Linea Design, and Classic Design. There are three models under piano design. Evolution Category has six models of hobs. The category Linea has thirteen products. Classic category has the maximum number of models i.e. twenty models. For piano design, all the hobs have stainless steel finish with front controls. Gas hobs models like P106, P75 and P64 constitute the piano category. In evolution category, there are two gas hob models and four ceramic hob models. PTV705, PTV64, P775-1, P662-1 are certain examples of evolution models. In the thirteen models of Linea category, all are gas hobs. The hobs in this category have variety of colours like graphite, black, silver, stainless steel, etc. Examples for Linea design are PX140, PVA750, PVS750, and PTS726-5. Classic category has both modular and large model gas hobs. There is one modular induction hob too. Some model names in Classic design are PDXS30T-1, PGF95-3, PS906, HB96CSS-1, PDXS30C-1, PDXF116RS, etc. Concisely, all SMEG products are featured exclusively in design and control functions. SMEG also offers good post sales service to its customers.


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