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stoves hobs

Are you interested in cooking? Then you will be searching for right utensils to better your cooking methods. Many types of equipments are available in stores that can make your cooking simple and perfect. These utensils not only help you to do perfect cooking, but also help you to cook fast. One of those kitchen utensils is hob. Hobs are the heating surfaces in kitchen. Modern hobs are intelligent machines that can answer your need. Hobs have elegant designs that make your kitchen novel in look. This transformation of kitchen into a smart working space can change the way you do cooking.


Several companies in United Kingdom manufacture hobs. Many multi national companies also have started their selling units in the United Kingdom. This has triggered a competition to achieve maximum “customership.” All companies are keenly concentrating to provide quality products. This has also led to innovations in utensil engineering, which is happening in a fast pace. One of the companies that are involved in this race is Stoves. Started eighty years back, Stoves is now a part of Glen Dimplex Home Appliances in UK. Hobs of Stoves are classified into Gas hobs and Electric hobs. Seven models constitute the gas hobs category and there are nine models in electric hobs category. Gas hobs of Stoves are easy to control and are efficient. The ergonomic designs of the controls of Stoves hobs are appreciable. Gas hobs also come with visually adjustable flame. Stoves proffer wide range of electric hobs. The cooking surfaces on electric hobs vary in models according to make. Some are made of sealed electric iron plates; some others are made of ceramic hobs. Some models of Stoves with their features are given below.

  1. Stoves S1-C600R- 60cm Ceramic Hob

  2. Stoves S3-C600TC- 60cm Ceramic Hob

  3. Stoves S5-C600HY- 60cm Hybrid Hob

  4. Stoves S1-G600E- 60cm Gas Hob

  5. Stoves S5-G600CW-60cm Gas Hob

  6. Stoves S5-G700E- 70cm Gas Hob

  7. Stoves S5-C750HY- 75cm Hybrid Hob

  8. Stoves S7-C900HY- 90cm Hybrid Hob

  9. Stoves S7-C900TCi- 90cm Induction Hob

  10. Stoves S7-C900TCiWOK- 90cm Electric Wok Ho

  11. Stoves S7-C900TCLINEAR- 90cm Linear Electric Hob

  12. Stoves S7-G900C- 90cm Gas Hob

  13. Stoves S7-G1100C- 110cm Linear Gas Hob

  14. Stoves S7-C600TCi- 60cm Induction Hob

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