Whirlpool Hobs

whirlpool hobs

There was a time when people hated cooking. Main reasons were busy life style and the burden caused by traditional methods of cooking. However, modern technology has taken away those burdens by introducing new kitchen utensils. They have helped humans to have sufficient rest after cooking their food. One of the modern inventions in cooking, in the early 20th century, was hob. Hobs are cooking surfaces in a kitchen. They are used to cook and heat food. Hobs are essential for cooking. They make cooking an easy chore. There are several types of hobs namely, ceramic hobs, gas hobs, induction hobs, etc. All these materials are specially made to increase the heating capacity of hobs. Therefore, hobs are a great help in your kitchen.


Many companies in the world manufacture hobs. In United Kingdom, many multi national companies and local companies are selling their hobs. Whirlpool is a world known brand, which has a strong base in UK. With their head quarters in the US, whirlpool has wide operations in Europe, especially in UK. Whirlpool is now hitting UK markets with a bang of product ranges. One of the major products that they market in UK is hobs. Whirlpool hobs are brilliant machines. They are designed in Whirlpool’s state-of-art facilities in Europe. Experience with engineering skills of engineers in Whirlpool has made these machines brilliant. They are credible products from Whirlpool.


There are several models of hobs for Whirlpool. They are classified as follows.

  1. Gas hobs

Gas Hobs of Whirlpool are specially designed hobs. They are modeled as Filo type, Origami type and normal type. They are aesthetic in design too. Some examples are AKM 260, AKM 371/IX/01, AKM 533, AKM 393, AKM 441, AKT 619, and AKT 466.

  1. Electric Solid Plate Hobs

Electric Solid Plate hobs have hot plates to do the heating. They are available in various sizes. Controls are generally manual in these types of hobs. One example of these types of hobs is AKM 330.

  1. Electric halogen and ceramic

These hobs are made with ceramic materials. They are good because they heat food faster than other types of hobs. Some examples for this category are AKT 895, AKT 863, AKM 626, etc.

  1. Electric Induction hobs

These models have good features compared to other hobs because it uses electric controls. All the models in this category have residual heat indicators, which indicates amount of heat supplied. Some of them have touch controls to make cooking efficient. Examples are ACM 702/NE, ACM 705/NE, ACM 707/BA, ACM 702/NE, etc.


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