Zanussi Hobs

zanussi hobs

While contemporary humankind scurries ahead faster, you cannot keep watching them and sit idle. You need to cope up with others to have a dignity of your own. For that, you should own sufficient systems to cruise faster and challenge them. That is what modern technology can give you. Whatever you do, if you have sufficient machines to assist you, you will perform much above your own expectations. Similarly, in cooking area machines are a great help for you. Thanks to modern technologies! Cooking utensils are not just machines, but are intelligent tools. They speed up your chore inside kitchen. Hobs are one among those new-age cooking utensils that change the way you cook. It makes cooking simple and fast.


All major brands in UK manufacture Hobs. Besides, several global companies are doing home appliance business in UK. Since the competition is strong and tough, all companies try to keep up their product quality. Therefore, customers in UK can get the best quality hobs. One of the brands that require applause for quality hobs is Zanussi. Zanussi is a part of world famous home appliance group Electrolux. Zanussi, which started in 1916 as a small workshop, has its name held high with tie-up global leaders, Electrolux. Zanussi-Electrolux has grown to heights in a short period. There are wide varieties of products with Zanussi-Electrolux. Hobs are one among the quality products from Zanussi. There are twenty-one models of hobs for Zanussi. Some models of Zanussi with their main features are given below.

  • Zanussi ZVM640X is Stainless Steel Ceramic Hob
  • Zanussi ZVT64X is a Stainless Steel Hob
  • Zanussi ZDE320X is a 30cm 2-Ring Electric Hob
  • Zanussi ZGL62ITX is a Built-in Gas Hob with 4 Number of Burners
  • Zanussi ZGF642X is a built-in and 60cm wide Stainless Steel Gas Hob
  • Zanussi ZVM640X is a black coloured Ceramic Hob with width 60cm
  • Zanussi ZGS782ICTX is 75cm wide Gas hob with 5 burner Gas Hob
  • Zanussi ZGS682iCTX is a 60cm wide Gas hob with 4 burners
  • Zanussi ZKT641H is a 60cm wide kitchen hob with touch controls and chamfered Edge
  • Zanussi ZKT652DX is a black coloured Induction Hob with 57cm width
  • Zanussi ZVM640F is a Ceramic Hob with control knobs

Zanussi has good reputation in United Kingdom. Zanussi hobs have ergonomic designs that facilitate easy cooking. Zanussi has good customer support systems, which assures you good post-sales service. Therefore, you can trust the quality of Zanussi hobs.


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