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If you want to keep up with all the demands in today’s fast paced life you definitely need the assistance of machines too. You don’t agree? Then have a look inside your kitchen. All those kitchen appliances are present there to help you make you life easy. The oven is one such appliance that can cut down the effort needed for cooking. The role of an oven in the kitchen has been changed with the passage of time. At the initial stage ovens where used occasionally to warm up the food. Today the ovens have taken a step forward and evolved as an important cooking appliance at your home.


It is definitely not easy for you to choose from a wide range of models available in the market today. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects you should know before purchasing an oven. Single ovens and double cavity built-in ovens come in handy when you are troubled by lack of space for they can be built into or placed under the kitchen units. The fuel used for convention oven is either gas or electricity. Conventional ovens are ideal to cook traditional dishes like cakes, pastries and roasted meat. The electric grills in the oven consist of single or duel elements. If you are searching for an oven with multifunctional settings that include lots of cooking functions then the electric oven is the best one for you.


AEG Electrolux is one of the major brands that produce ovens that suits modern day needs. AEG then named as DEG started its successful journey in the year 1883 as the manufacturer of Edison’s Lamp in Germany.  The company changed its name from DEG to AEG after four years when the German Electrical Works were commissioned. AEG is the abbreviated form of ‘Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft’. In 2003, AEG was merged with Electrolux. The head quarters of AEG is situated at Stockholm in Sweden. It has grown and established its root under the shade of Electrolux. Presently, AEG is known as a reputed brand in household around the world.
Some of the popular models in AEG ovens are:

  • AEG B2100-5W is a white coloured multifunctional built-in oven with combined grill.
  • AEG D31016D has an energy efficiency rated ‘A’ with dimensions of Height: 88.8cm, Width: 59.4 cm and Depth: 54.8 cm.
  • AEG U41116 with stainless steel finish has an energy efficiency of ‘A’. This built-under double oven is fuelled by electricity.
  • AEG D31016B is a black coloured oven with an energy efficiency of ‘A’. This has dimensions of 88.8 cm x 59.4 cm x 54.8 cm (H x W x D).
  • AEG B31015B is a single built in electric oven with dimensions (H x W x D) 59 cm x 56 cm x 55 cm. This black coloured oven having an energy rating of ‘A’.
  • AEG B3101-5M is a multifunctional oven with 5 options for setting. It s a single Built-in Oven fuelled using electricity.

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