Baumatic Ovens

baumatic ovens

Are you concerned about the rising energy prices? You might have planned to buy a new oven but you don’t want to spend more on electricity bill. So have you discarded the idea of buying one? If not, have a look at the latest ovens currently available in the market. There are numerous brands with wide range of ovens from which you can choose the oven that suits you and saves energy and time. 


You can save a lot of energy if you pay attention to some simple things while cooking. When you finish cooking, turn on the self cleaning feature. For self cleaning the oven heats up to 900° F. Immediately after cooking your oven will remain hot for some time so it takes less energy to perform the programmed task.  


The next aspect to look at is the door of the oven. Make sure that the door remains tight when you close the door. If the door is loose, the heat inside the oven won’t be consistent. So fix the door as soon as possible. Preheating is not required for all recipes. Check the recipe before you do preheating.  The ovens from Baumatic are considered as highly energy efficient and environment friendly.


The journey of Baumatic Company began in the year 1992. The company is stationed in Berkshire in the United Kingdom. Within no time Baumatic became a popular name among the people of United Kingdom. The company started growing and expanded to over 46 countries and renders service to millions of people across the world. The company has great talents in their company to boast off. This gave the company’s products its class.


The world-known architect Alberto Solari is one of those geniuses in Baumatic Company. Many of those grade individuals well-grooved the company’s success. With the unsurpassed performance and functionality of Baumatic, you can be sure that you’ve made the smart choice when it comes to your kitchen appliances. The ovens from Baumatic include Pyrolitic ovens, Side opening oven, single oven (gas and electric) and double oven.


These are the few well-known models from Baumatic:

  • Baumatic B724SS Double Built Under Electric Oven
  • Baumatic B725SS Built-Under Twin Cavity Gas Oven
  • Baumatic BO900BL Built In Double Oven
  • Baumatic S725SS Double Built Under Gas Oven
  • Baumatic BO796SS Fan Oven
  • Baumatic Po900ss Pyrolytic Double Oven
  • Baumatic BO992SS Oven
  • Baumatic B724SS Built Under Double Oven

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