Kitchen Ovens

kitchen ovens

Considering the size, an oven is a small appliance but if you notice the job it does in the household you will agree that it’s quite big. An oven is a powerful appliance in the kitchen. Your day to day work cooking depends on this small machine called kitchen oven.


A kitchen oven can be a great help to you in the household. Using this kitchen appliance you can cook food in various ways including steaming, boiling, and roasting. In the earlier years wood or coal was used to produce heat in the oven for cooking. As the technology developed so did the oven. Now you can get kitchen oven use gas or electricity as fuel. Some of the kitchen oven consists of a stove, but the stove may or may not use the same fuel used by the oven. In some models you may get ovens that use electricity and stove that works on gas. You can choose it according to your convenience.


But before purchasing a kitchen oven you should know about the different types of oven. First of decide whether you want a single oven or a double oven. Single oven is meant for a single person or for families with not more than 2 or 3 family members and less cooking requirements. It is available in various capacities that range 25 liters to 30 liters. It can perform only one function at a time. The fan in the oven distributes the heat equally inside the oven while cooking. This ensures that the food is cooked evenly. 


Double oven consist of two cavities: a main cavity and a small cavity. It is meant for a household that has around four people. It can prove as an asset to you when you have to prepare food for a party arranged at home or for any occasion. You can cook more than one dish in the double oven. Compared to the main cavity the size is less for the smaller cavity. So the small cavity is mainly used to cook food items of less quantity.


Another important decision to take is the fuel you prefer to use for the oven. All gas ovens are conventional where as I electric range you can get both conventional and multifunctional fan ovens. In gas oven the heating of the oven starts from the bottom. But electric oven heats from top and bottom plus the fan rotates the air inside to ensure even cooking. The electric oven heats up quite fast compared to the gas oven. 


Some of the common and popular kitchen ovens are Neff B14M42, Indesit FIE36, Belling BI70, Miele H 5081 BP, Zanussi ZOU370, Hotpoint DE89, Hoover H9S316, Baumatic TG1, and Indesit FIU20. is an online shopping website where you can get kitchen ovens launched by well known brands  such as Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Neff, Siemens, Smeg, etc. Our website can provide you products at an affordable and reasonable price. Before selecting a product it is advisable to read the reviews. Log on for an exciting online shopping experience!