900 Range Cooker

900 range cooker

What would you do first when you are hungry? Of course you will cry out loud “I am Hungryyyyyy!!!!” Then you will frolic to the kitchen to eat something. If you had cooked something, you will have something or else you may find nothing and remain hungry. Therefore to deprive your quick hungers you should cook something. To cook you should have good equipments in the kitchen, which will take away your laziness to cook. One of such equipments is the range cooker.


Range cookers are means for simpler and faster cooking. The cooking is made simple, in the range cooker, by the combination of ovens, hobs, and burners it has. They also save the power loss because of multi power sources of cooking in separated ovens, hobs and burners.


The range cookers are categorised according to their sizes. The smallest of range cooker width is 50 cm and the longest width of range cooker is around 120 cm. 900 range cookers are the 90 cm or 900 mm range cookers. They are medium sized range cookers.


900 range cookers are common in the UK stores. Almost all companies produce and supply 900 range cookers. Some of the famous brands consist of AEG, SMEG, Electrolux, Siemens, CDA, Baumatic, De Dietrich, Bosch, Stoves, Hotpoint, Indesit, Cannon, Zanussi etc. Some popular 900 range cookers and their brief specifications are given beneath.


CDA RV900SS- 90cm Twin Cavity Double Fuel Range Cooker

  • Stoves Richmond 900DF- Dual Fuel Range Cooker, Champagne
  • Indesit KP900GX- 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Hotpoint Eg900x- 90cm Stainless Steel Range Cooker
  • Belling DB900DFblk- 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Rangemaster 80900- 90cm Classic Deluxe Dual Fuel Cooker
  • Stoves RICH-900E-BLK - 900mm wide Richmond Electric Range Cooker
  • CDA RC9000SS- 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Stoves RM900DFCHA- 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Rangemaster Elan 90- 900mm wide Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Siemens HQ745526E- 90cm Dual fuel Range Cooker
  • Baumatic- BC190.2SS- 90 cm Gas Range Cooker
  • Neff F3430N0- 90 cm Range Cooker
  • SMEG Concert SUK92MFX5- 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Zanussi Electrolux ZKC6040S 90cm Range Cooker
  • Hoover HPF90X- 900mm Range cooker

The 900 range cookers are comfortable in medium sized and large kitchens. Otherwise they will consume large space in the kitchen, making it difficult for you to move freely in the kitchen. Functionally they have good use as they provide large space for cooking.


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