AEG Range Cookers

aeg range cookers

Range cookers can be regarded as the best cooking gadgets. They are impressive and cook very fast. Some range cooker models have manifold units like hobs, oven, etc. They are big and give lot of space to cook food. This reduces the timings of the cooking.


There are manifold manufacturers of Range Cookers in the UK. The brands like, Bosch, Belling, Baumatic, etc. have made their mark in the home appliance industry. Besides these local companies, other firms like Panasonic, SMEG, Sharp, LG, Samsung, etc have come from other parts of the world to the United Kingdom.


AEG is a well known brand. Full form of the abbreviation AEG is 'Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft.' Established in 1883, AEG’s first name was 'Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft' (DEG). It started as a tiny workshop under the ownership of Emil Rathenau, who was an engineer. It got its present name AEG, when the first electrical work was launched in Berlin, Germany, in 1887. Later in 1994, it was acquired by Electrolux. Electrolux, one of the known leaders of household appliance industry, gave a face shift to AEG operations. With that the company got branded as AEG- Electrolux.


Some of the models and the specifications of AEG-Electrolux Range Cooker models are mentioned below. Their cheapest prices are also mentioned.

  1. C41022G-M- Size: 100cm; Type; Mixed Fuel Double Oven Range Cooker; Cheapest Price- £1854.00
  2. C41022GN-M- Size: 100cm; Type: Mixed Fuel Double Oven Range Cooker; Cheapest Price- £1853.99
  3. C41022V-M- Size: 100cm; Type: Electric Ceramic Double Oven Range Cooker Cheapest Price- £1919.00
  4. C41029V-M- Size: 90cm; Type: Electric Ceramic Single Cavity Range Cooker; Cheapest Price- £1434.99

There many other models for AEG-Electrolux Range Cookers like C41029G-M. All of them are good in design and functionalities. Recently in a magazine survey in Germany, AEG-Electrolux won the highest recognition among the German ladies. This indicates the tranquility and the quality in the working of AEG-Electrolux products.

There are no customer feedbacks which say bad about AEG-Electrolux Range Cookers. So you can assure a long and effective service from your AEG-Electrolux Range Cooker.


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