Belling Range Cookers

belling range cookers

Range cookers are useful devices in a kitchen. When the style is considered there are two discrete types of range cookers. One is the old style and the other is the contemporary or the modern style. The choice of style depends on the built of kitchen. That means, in a classical era house, the old fashioned or the traditional range cookers will suit very well. But in a metro lifestyle where the kitchens are designed with modern amenities and built in appliances, a contemporary or, precisely saying, a stainless steel range cookers will look good. Therefore, while choosing a range cooker you have to think in terms of your need.


Moreover, the choice of the company is an important factor. You should not take a hurried decision on the brand of range cooker. When you have some brand in your mind, first of all take a look at the reviews and the features of the brand. This will help you to compare it with the models of other brands. After that you can check the price comparisons. These details are made available for you in
Belling is a UK based home appliance manufacturer. Their products include, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens and range cookers. The range cookers are the premier products of Belling.


Belling had its beginning in the year 1912. Charles A Belling was the founder of Belling. After the introduction of Baby Belling, a table top induction hob, Belling became a famous brand. Before long, they expanded the area of interest into refrigerators, cookers, ovens and other cooking devices. In 1992, Glen Dimplex Group, one among the leading home appliance brand, annexed Belling to it. This gave a face lift to Belling, as soon as they changed the logo and the punch line of Belling, which says, “Think of everything.”


There are three ranges of Belling range cookers, namely, Kensington range, Countrychef range, and DB4 range. Kensington range cookers are available in three sizes and are fuel range cookers with single oven. Eg. Kensington 90DF, Kensington 90E, Kensington 100DF, Kensington 100G, Kensington 110DF, Kensington 110E and Kensington 110G. The price range of Kensington range cookers is between £850.00 and £1400.00.


Countrychef range cookers are those which combine eight burner gas hobs with three differently sized burners, Two large ovens, a convenient storage compartment and a dissever grill. Eg. Countrychef 100DF, Countrychef 100G, and Countrychef 100E. The price levels of Countrychef range cookers are between £700.00 and £900.00.


DB4 range cookers have dual electric and fuel options. There are two models for DB4 range cookers. They are DB4 90E and DB4 90DF. The price of DB4 range cookers vary between £900.00 and £1000.00.


There are no much consumer reviews for Belling range cookers. Hence, you can trust it without doubt.


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