Bosch Range Cookers

bosch range cookers

Range cookers are the supreme cooking devices. They are grand and help to cook food easily. Range cookers have multiple units for cooking like oven, hobs, etc. they are large and one can cook as many items he wants, at a time. There are different kinds of Range cookers. Each of them has varied features and functions to make cooking easy and time saving. They are very utilitarian gadget in the kitchen.


Bosch was begun in 1886 by the engineer, Robert Bosch. Its beginning was very humble. At that time it had only a small workshop which was dealing with exactitude mechanics and electrical engineering. It was set at Stuttgart in Germany. When the Bosch low-voltage magneto clicked in the market, Bosch grew its popularity in Europe. Slowly Bosch decided to expand the operations across the boundaries of Germany. Thence, in 1898, Bosch set up an office in Denham, Buckinghamshire, inside the United Kingdom. This anchored the growth of various future operations and activities of Bosch in the United Kingdom. The range cookers of Bosch are well honoured. Technical engineering perfection of Bosch makes it highly worth machines.


There are two models for Bosch Range cookers. One model is a double range cooker and other is a normal range cooker. But both of them are multifunctional. The two models with some of their features are given below.

  • HSB745A55E Multifunction double range cooker
    • Brushed steel
    • 5 burner gas hob
    • Main oven - 7 cooking functions
    • Metal touch controls and electronic display
    • Secondary oven - 4 cooking functions
    • 100cm wide

  • HSB745055E Multifunction range cooker
    • Brushed steel
    • 5 burner gas hob
    • Oven - 7 cooking functions
    • Fixed controls
    • 90cm wide

The price range of HSB745A55E Bosch Range Cooker is between £1,900.00 and £2100.00; and that of HSB745055E Bosch Range Cooker is between £1,350 and £1600.00. The customer reviews about Bosch range cookers are not sufficiently available. This indicates that the Bosch Range Cookers are good and have no much complaint.


Bosch Range cookers are signed for quality and perfect designing. The vast knowledge and skill bank of Bosch is what that makes them pretty in functions and design. Bosch claims that its range cookers will be the point of focus in the kitchens whether they are standing alone or built-in. Therefore, you can go for a Bosch Range Cooker without any doubt.


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