Cannon Range Cookers

cannon range cookers

Are you fed up with the chore of cooking? Why not think of making it interesting? Is it possible? Yes it is…


There are two methods to cook food- the traditional method and the modern cooking.

You might be wondering “what is traditional and modern! Is there any difference like that!” Obviously it is there. Traditional cooking is the method in which we cook using old and forgotten cooking utensils. But in Modern cooking we use latest and technologically sophisticated cooking utensils. There are many modern utensils in the kitchen such as, microwaves, ovens, fridges, fridge-freezers, range cookers, hobs, etc. These utensils take away the complications of cooking and make it an easy chore. Getting on with these utensils is to be planned and well studied because there are wide number of products and models. You have to discern which is necessary and which is not. We at can help you in that.


One of the necessary cooking utensils is range cooker. They combine the functions of many utensils and help you to cook two to four dishes at a time. They have ovens, hobs, burners etc. in one structure. So serving a big party in your home or for a treat is not a big deal if you are using a range cooker.


Range cookers are made by various companies. The companies include both the Europeans and international brands. Cannon is one among them. They have a total of 19 models of range cookers in four series. The four series of Cannon range cookers are Professional, Traditional, 50cm and 60cm. Before going to the model details, let us have a look at Cannon company profile.


Cannon is a trusted name in the United Kingdom home appliance market. They have strong teams of engineers and designers committed to serve company and customers alike. Epitomised with brand ethos of perfect quality and functioning at a reasonable price, Cannon cooking ranges had been striking the hearts of people for these many years. This makes their name known beyond limits of quality and style definitions.
The model names of Cannon Professional range cookers include, 110cm Dual Fuel Cooker, 100cm Dual Fuel Cooker, 100cm Gas Cooker, 90cm Dual Fuel Cooker, 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker, and 60cm Gas Cooker.


The models of Traditional range cookers are, Traditional 100cm Dual Fuel Cooker, Traditional 100cm Gas Cooker, Traditional 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker, Traditional 60cm Gas Cooker and Traditional 60cm Electric Cooker.


The compact models in the series 50cm and 60cm are Carrick 60cm Cooker Range, Harrogate 60cm Cooker Range, Kendal 60cm Cooker Range, Coniston Gas 50cm Cooker Range, Coniston Electric 50cm Cooker Range, Langdale Electric 50cm Cooker Range, Connemara Gas 50cm Cooker Range, and Connemara LPG 50cm Cooker Range.


The difference between professional series and other series is that it is truly professional in use and make. They have many added features to make you a professional cook. The traditional series comes with traditional styling and features, while the 50cm and 60cm compact series are designed to give space to your kitchen. The indigenously developed technologies like, Precision Cooking System, in Cannon range cookers make your cooking simple.


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