Ceramic Range Cooker

ceramic range cooker

Range cookers are used in all kitchens. It saves your time and money for cooking. Range cooker saves time because of the combination of burners, ovens and hobs. These combinations help you to perform multi tasks at a time. It saves money because all the function, i.e. ovens, hobs and burners, work in a single source of energy. There are many other advantages for range cookers. Range cooker is a blessing to you and your kitchen.


There are several types of range cookers. They are classified according to various features. One of the features is the make of the range cooker. The range cookers are made mainly with steel and metal bodies. In some range cookers the hobs and the burner tops come in ceramic make. These kinds of range cookers are called ceramic range cookers. Ceramic range cookers have many advantages. Especially the hobs with ceramic top help to heat faster. In addition, they will cool down faster than the metal surfaces. Therefore, ceramic surface help to reduce quick burns and injuries.


One disadvantage of ceramic surface is that they may break in a heavy crash, when compared to the metal surfaces. However, it does not matter much if you use it carefully.


Majority of brands that market range cookers in the United Kingdom have ceramic range cookers. The brands namely, AEG, Baumatic, Neff, CDA, De Dietrich, Hoover, Hotpoint, Indesit, Zanussi, Stoves, SMEG, Siemens, Leisure, Bosch, Beko etc, produce class ceramic range cookers. Some models of ceramic range cookers and their key explanation are given below.

Buying a Ceramic range cooker is a good option. It protects you from serious burns as well as reduces power consumption. Therefore, it prevents hole in your pockets.


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