Cheap Range Cookers

cheap range cookers

Nowadays, range cookers find place in every kitchen. They are quintessential part of the modern age kitchens. Range cookers incorporate many functions into one single unit. This feature of combining hobs, burners, ovens, and hoods is enough a reason for having a range cooker at home.


One of the main concerns for anyone who is going to buy a range cooker is its price. All people look for the cheapest prices available for the range cookers, they want. This is intended to save the hole in the pocket. Therefore companies as well as the appliance stores provide huge discount offers to woo the customers.


Some of the stores that provide cheap priced range cookers in the United Kingdom are The Co-operative Electrical, Electricshop, Appliances Online, Appliance Deals, Iguana, Laskys, Dixons, Boots, Very and much more. They provide competent prices for various models of range cookers from different companies.


There are manifold numbers of cheap priced models of range cookers, made by certain companies like SMEG, Indesit, Cannon, Zanussi, Stoves, etc. Some cheap priced range cooker models are mentioned below.

  • Smeg KIT2A1B-6- Plinth for 90cm Opera Range Cookers

  • Britannia 40cm Range Cooker

  • Britannia 30cm Range Cooker

  • Stoves 100SBSS 100cm Stainless Steel Splashback Range Cooker

  • Beko SG562W Slide-in Range Cooker

  • Cannon C50GCIK-NG so

  • Indesit K3G11XG Dual Fuel Cooker

  • Indesit KD3G11XG Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Cooker

  • LEISURE Gr6cvk Electric Mini Range Cooker

All the models mentioned above come between the price range, £60.00 and £500.00. Thus we can say that range cookers are more affordable these days, and people living in all strata of the society can enjoy the use of range cookers. The above listed brand names and its range cookers are just a few of them in the great pool of range cooker industry.


One of the main drawbacks of cheap range cookers is the lack of added features. Even though they have very less prices they lack some sophisticated technologies. In short words, they are the basic models, which mainly have manual operations. This is a great disadvantage considering the future use of the range cookers.


Nowadays the trend for choosing the range cooker has changed. With more and more advancement of technology, people now clamour for the best featured range cooker in affordable prices. While buying a range cooker only a few people do not matter money, but they look for good machines. But majority of the people look for the cheapest prices and the functions. Either way, the main concern should be the need of a person.


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