De Dietrich Range Cooker

de dietrich range cooker

One of the first names in the range cooker brands is De Dietrich. With a strong tradition of 300 years and more, De Dietrich is still a family run company. The name of the family in France is De Dietrich, which is bestowed on them by King Louis XV of France.


The beginning of De Dietrich is in 1684. Started with the forging works, De Dietrich expanded its hands over decorative ironworks, steelworks and stocks of rail rolling.

In 1910, De Dietrich began making appliances for home use. The premiere equipment produced was Mertzwiller Cooker. Not too late, De Dietrich started manufacturing Ovens, Washing Machines, Hobs, Dishwashers, Hoods, Coffee Machines, Cooling Machines, etc. Thus they established the name all across the globe.


De Dietrich is now a partner of MCC (Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa). MCC is one of the world’s largest corporate groups, based in Spain. This provides De Dietrich strong presence in different parts of the world. It has also added much to the performance and functioning of De Dietrich.


There are two featured models of range cookers for De Dietrich. They are DCi799XU1 and DCM6120XE. The first one is a 60cm slot-in induction & pyroclean cooker and the latter a 120cm wide Double Pyroclean cooking range. Both the models have Class ‘A’ Energy Efficiency. The other features of these two models are given below.


The Key Features of DCi799XU1 are,

  • 49 recipes of Cooking Guide
  • Electronic clock & programmable oven timer
  • Cool doors
  • Turn & Press control
  • High grade, easy clean enamel interior
  • Eolyse®: air purification system to remove bad cooking smells, fumes & grease
  • Halogen light

The key features of DCM6120XE are,

  • Cast iron pan supports
  • Integrated ignition
  • Safety cut off  for Gas burners
  • Electronic clocks
  • Programmable oven timers
  • Digital minute minder
  • Cooling Fans
  • 1 warming drawer

The De Dietrich range cookers are famed for two specific technologies- Induction cooking and Pyrolytic Cleaning. The ovens of the freestanding De Dietrich range cookers have pyroclean technology, which helps to clean the ovens without being fussy. There is a special storage facility underneath the ovens to keep the accessories of the cooker. Apart from the usual warranty, De Dietrich now offers an option for upgrading the warranty up to five years.


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