Dual Fuel Range Cooker

dual fuel range cooker

If kitchen is the heart of your home then range cookers are the blood pumping muscles in your kitchen. In other words, range cooker is very necessary equipment in the kitchen. They save your time as well as flourish your longing for satisfactory cooking.


Range cookers come in different categories. They are categorized according to functions and features. The important of all categorizations is the fuel or power category. There are five different kinds of range cookers in that category. They are Gas Range Cooker, LPG Range Cooker, Oil and Solid Fuel Range Cooker, Electric Range Cooker and Dual Fuel Range Cooker. Here we give a brief explanation of dual fuel range cooker and the models available for it.


The Dual fuel range cooker rose to popularity because of the new age concept called modern professional home kitchens. The professional home kitchens needs fast cooking devices to reduce the time and the chore of cooking. Thus, dual fuel range cooker is a necessary utensil in professional home kitchens.


Dual fuel range cookers are range cookers which has two or more fuel types. For example, AEG D77000GFM is a dual fuel range cooker with gas and electric inputs. Gas and electric fuel combination range cookers are the commonly available model of dual fuel range cooker. The gas used in such a dual fuel range cooker can be either propane or natural gas.


Usually the dual fuel range cookers come with gas burners and electric ovens. The reason is that the gas burners in the dual range cookers cook faster than the electric burners. On the other hand, the electric ovens in the dual fuel range cooker heat faster than the gas ovens. Therefore, one can cook faster in gas burners and electric ovens in the dual fuel range cookers.


Dual fuel range cookers are manufactured by many companies. Most of them have their sales operations in the United Kingdom. The famous brands are, Stoves, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Siemens, SMEG, Neff, Electrolux, Cannon, Belling, AEG-Electrolux, Baumatic, Bosch, Hoover, Indesit, Leisure, Rangemaster, CDA, De Dietrich, etc. They all have very good collection of dual fuel range cooker. All the products have competent quality and function.


Some of the popular dual fuel range cooker models are given below.

  • ELAN DFRG Rangemaster Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • 1100DFA Stoves Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • 61060 Rangemaster Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • BT2740SS Baumatic Dual Fuel Range Cooker Range Cooker
  • 10450G Cannon 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • C41022GM AEG 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • 100DF SI Belling Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • A1C-5 SMEG Ceramic/stainless steel Dual Fuel Range Cooker

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