Electric Range Cooker

electric range cooker

Range cookers do a great help in the kitchens. They are vital equipments which make the chore of cooking easier and faster. They integrate several equipments in one structure. This helps to save space as well as the power consumption. The range cookers are mainly classified according to the fuel used in the range cooker. The classifications are gas range cooker, electric range cooker, solid fuel range cooker, oil range cooker, LPG range cooker and dual range cooker. Here we are going to brief about electric range cookers and its features.


Electric range cookers are those which work with electric power source. They usually come with electric hobs and electric ovens. The main advantage of electric range cooker is that they do not need any external fuel to work. This is important because it helps to save oil and petroleum products. In addition, this is advantageous because it can work all the time with the electricity.


Secondly, the electric range cookers do not give out fumes as it is in gas or fuel range cooker. In other words, electric range cookers are environment friendly.
Thirdly, the electric range cookers are economical than the other types of range cookers as it consumes only needed power from the electricity, which is cheaper than the fuels.


The electric ovens in the electric range cookers cook faster than the fuel range cookers. But this advantage is reversed in the case of hobs. The electric hobs take more time than the burners in other kinds of range cookers. However, the electric range cookers are good when we look at overall efficiency.


Many companies have electric range cookers. Some of the famous brands that are present in the United Kingdom markets are, Delonghi, AEG- Electrolux, Rangemaster, SMEG, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Zanussi, Stoves, Leisure, Cannon, Belling, Beko, Bosch, etc. Even though only a few names are given, there are manifold brands in the UK markets. Electric range cookers of all the companies are best in all means because of the tight competition among them. Some company models of electric range cookers are listed down here according to their popularity.

  • 57190 Rangemaster Cooker Electric Classic 110 Green/Brass
  • 61360 Rangemaster 110cm Wide Rangemaster Electric Cooker
  • C41022VM AEG 100cm Electric Ceramic Double Oven Range Cooker
  • DB1000E ST Belling Electric Range Cooker
  • ESS905 ST/ST Delonghi Electric Ceramic Range Cooker
  • A42C SMEG Electric Range Cooker
  • RICH-900E-BLK Stoves Richmond Electric Range Cooker
  • EB10CRX Leisure Electric Range Cooker
  • STER1100E STA Stoves Sterling Electric Range Cooker
  • 10450GF Cannon Electric Range Cooker
  • 10750GF Cannon Electric Range Cooker

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