Hotpoint Range Cookers

hotpoint range cookers

Range cookers are quintessential in all kitchens. They ease the chore of cooking and help you to do too many cooking at a time, reducing the time spent for cooking. There are range cookers with different sizes or width. The different widths available for a range cooker are, 50cm, 90cm, 80m, 100cm, etc. Before buying a range cooker, you need to have in mind the size of the range cooker you should look for. For a small kitchen a small sized range cooker is enough to save the area of kitchen.

But, in large kitchens any size can be chosen as there is lot of area available in it.


There are large numbers of brands of range cookers in the United Kingdom. Hotpoint is well-known among them. They have many other products, other than the range cookers.


Hotpoint's memorable history commenced in the near the beginning of 1900's. Ever since it’s beginning Hotpoint has only one aim that is to hear the customers and offer sharp solutions for them. They give importance to the style and comfort of each and every customer. Hotpoint is named as the best White Goods Brand in the United Kingdom. In the past eight years, continuously, it had been elected as the most trusted home appliance brand in the survey conducted by Readers Digest.


There are around 43 models of range cookers for Hotpoint. Some of the models and their cheaper prices are given below.

  1. EG1000EX Hotpoint-
    Definition: Dual Fuel Range Cooker; Cheapest price: £1070.99
  1. EG1000GX Hotpoint-
    Definition: Dual Fuel Range Cooker; Cheapest price:  £1031.00
  1. EG900XIX Hotpoint-
    Definition: Dual Fuel Range Cooker; Cheapest price:  £580.00

  2. EG902GX Hotpoint-
    Definition: 90cm Multifunction Dual Fuel Range Cooker; Cheapest price: £839.96

Hotpoint range cookers have various features. The Hotpoint cookers are classified into two series- Free Standing Electric Range and Free Standing Gas Range.
The features of Free Standing Electric Range consists of, Ribbon heating elements, 5.0 cu. ft. capacity ovens, Touchpad controls, Two-step self-clean, Calrod© surface elements, Oven Door with Frameless glass, One-piece Upswept Cooktop, and Lift-up Cooktop.


The features of Free Standing Gas Range include Performance Plus burner, Sealed Gas Burners, Simmer 600 burner, EasySet Clock and Oven Timer, Capacity Plus™ oven, and Lift-up Cooktop.


Accounting all the details from above, we find that Hotpoint range cookers are versatile, clean and good performing machines.


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