Mercury Range Cooker

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Mercury is one of the leading producers of stylish and branded range cookers in the United Kingdom. Started by Lincat, the Mercury Company introduced their first range cooker, from its production centre, in 2000. The strong competitive market in the United Kingdom, present at that time, did not block the growth of Mercury appliances.

Everyone appreciated the stylish design of the Mercury range cooker. In 2009, Mercury Appliances merged with the AGA Rangemaster Group, which is a giant in the home appliance industry. This gave a moral and fiscal boost to Mercury Appliances.


The main objective of Mercury Appliances is to produce excellent range cookers without compromising performance and quality. For this, the company is taking meticulous approach from the time of designing to the time of production and marketing. This enabled Mercury to achieve several milestones in its history.


The products of Mercury are designed by the one of the premieres in the designing industry, Seymourpowell. Seymourpowell is an internationally acclaimed designing company with clients like, Nokia, Toshiba and BMW.


The range cookers of Mercury are designed in their state-of-art manufacturing units in the United Kingdom. Each range cooker is carefully and personally designed to impress the customers with its elegant design and finishing. This makes them the epitome of style, professionalism and innovation.


There are two models for Mercury range cookers. They are RC1090 and the state-of-art Thermastone. Both of the models are elegant in design and style. They are appreciated for the quality of functioning as well. The model RC1090 comes in various attractive colours. The colour variant range cookers are categorized as Beachcomber ranges and Natural colour ranges. Thermastone is a revolutionary range cooker concept developed by Lincat. It rewrote the traditional concepts of the heat range cookers. This model was unveiled during KBB 2006.


Mercury provides the customers high level satisfaction with the quality and the design of their range cookers. In less than a decade Mercury has accrued so many recognitions and awards like, Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum- 2002 and 2006, 'Best in Kitchen Product' Award 2006. However, Mercury regards the appreciation of customers as the greatest of all rewards. This concern for the customers helps them to make the best range cookers for them. They are pride to establish such a relationship with the customers till now.


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