Stainless Steel Range Cooker

stainless steel range cooker

Range cooker is an essential utensil in the kitchen. It cooks fast and tidily. In a busy professional life, range cookers are extremely beneficial to save time. Range cookers combine the functions of ovens, burners or hobs, hoods, etc. in one structure.


The range cookers are classified according to different criteria. One of the main classifications is based on the body colour or body make. They are classified as enamel white range cooker, Coloured range cooker, Black range cooker, and Stainless steel range cooker. Among all of these variants, steel range cookers are attractive and elegant. Let us look at the steel range cookers, its advantages and disadvantages.


Stainless steel range cookers made its way into the market when the look of range cookers needed a variety. These range cookers envisaged by unknown genius have come into life in the kitchens of the present world. The shinning of glittering stainless steel surface is really an aura of richness and beauty inside the kitchens. The stainless steel make of range cookers have smooth surfaces which help dusting more easily. Finishing in the stainless steel range cookers is made fine to have a smart look to the kitchen. Stainless steel range cookers are attractive in both built in and freestanding models.


Many companies have stainless steel range cookers. The leading brands that have supplies of stainless steel range cookers in the UK include many international and European brands. Some companies and their popular models of stainless steel range cookers are given below.

  • Rangemaster
  • Neff
    • F3470N0- 100cm wide Stainless Steel Gas Range Cooker
  • SMEG
  • Belling
    • DB1000E ST- 100cm wide, Stainless Steel Electric Range Cooker
    • DB100E- 100 cm wide, Stainless Steel Electric Range Cooker
  • Indesit
    • KP9508E(X)/G- Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Stoves
    • 1100DF Stainless Steel Sterling Range Cooker
    • 1100E Stainless Steel Sterling Range Cooker
    • ST1100DFSTA- 110cm Wide Stainless Steel Sterling Dual Fuel Range Cooker
  • Hoover
    • HPD90X- 90cm wide, Stainless Steel Fuel Range Cooker

All of the above Stainless steel range cooker models are excellent in look and function. They provide unmatched beauty to your kitchen. Apart from these companies, there are many other brands serving in the United Kingdom.


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