Zanussi Range Cookers

zanussi range cookers

In this fast moving world, traditional methods of cooking are replaced by most modern cooking. Ovens, burners, hoods, hobs, refrigerators, range cookers and other home appliances have made cooking chore easy and fast. Range cookers among them are more useful than others because it merges different appliances into one. They are divided into different groups depending on some factors. One among those factors is the heating method. The classifications are electricity range cooker, gas range cooker, fuel range cooker and finally dual range cooker.


Each type of range cookers has positives as well as negatives. For instance, the gas ovens in range cookers heat slower than electric ovens. Simultaneously, the electric hobs heat slower than gas or fuel hobs. In other words, electric range cooker has ovens which cook fast and gas range cooker has quick cooking hobs. In Dual Range Cookers, there are two energy inputs. One is an electric energy supplier and the other is a gas energy supplier. Thus, cooking becomes more easy and fast. In addition, Dual Range Cookers are energy efficient than usual range cookers.


There are several brands which are encaged in the production of range cookers. They include Stoves, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Siemens, Neff, Leisure, Indesit, Hoover, Electrolux, Cannon and AEG-Electrolux. Zanussi is a known brand in the UK markets. Today it is a part of Electrolux group, which is famed for manifold inspiring innovations in the home appliance industry. Begun in 1916, Zanussi traveled a long path astonishing the market with its mesmerising products that customers loved most. It merged with Electrolux in the year 1980. Thus Zanussi’s brand identity took leapfrog.


There are 34 models of range cookers for Zanussi. The various models of Zanussi range cookers are,

  • Zanussi ZKG5540 is a dual fuel range cooker with gas hobs. It has two ovens and the oven surface is Easy Clean

  • Zanussi ZKC6020 is a electric range cooker with ceramic hobs. Its capacity is 95 litres and has two ovens.

  • Zanussi ZKG5030 has gas hobs and electric power. It has two ovens and a Catalytic Self Cleaner.

  • Zanussi ZKG5020 is a gas range cooker with two ovens.

  • Zanussi ZKC6040 has a ceramic hob with electric power supply. The number of ovens present is two.

  • Zanussi ZKC5030 is a electric range cooker with ceramic hobs. The number of ovens is 2. It has Catalytic Self Cleaning system.

  • Zanussi ZKG5530 is gas range cooker. The ovens in it are two and it has a cleaning assist.

  • Zanussi ZKG6020 is a typical gas range cooker with two ovens.

  • Zanussi ZKT6050 is electric range cooker with two ovens.

Zanussi range cookers are designed to comfort the customer’s choice. Therefore, they can be relied without any doubt.


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