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smeg refrigerators

Selecting a refrigerator is always not easy as we think. There are many types of refrigerators available in the market. The most common and the most concerned difference of them is the position of freezer. When someone plans to choose a refrigerator, the first thing they will choose the freezer position. After that only they will look into the other features. Suppose a bottom freezer refrigerator have more capacity and more features, but since you want only a top freezer refrigerator, you will not even try to have a look into that new features offered with a bottom freezer.


Built in refrigerators is good looking than functional. They are available in two designs, both bottom freezer and side-by-side options. They are designed to look good so are available in different colors, and so can be matched to rest of your kitchen. You cannot recolor your entire kitchen for the color of your refrigerator. Here you can have a matching color with the rest of your kitchen. They have a limited storage space and can be repair prone. Cabinet- depth refrigerators are another type which is free standing. They are commonly available with side by side doors, but French door models, top-mount freezers as well as bottom mount freezers are also there. Like in the case of Built in refrigerators, they also give more importance to aesthetic advantages, with lesser storage capacity. Drawer type refrigerators let you store your soda cans or snacks under your kitchen counter. Refrigerator drawers are the latest in kitchen luxuries. They are very small, with limited capacity, so do not cost much to run. They also cannot be able to consider as an efficient refrigerator because of lesser storage space.


So since thee are such a lot of different features available in the market it is difficult to find the best suitable refrigerator for you. First of all select a good brand which can save all your needs such as storage needs aesthetic purposes etc. A refrigerator which has been sold the most can be considered as good enough. SMEG refrigerators are good enough in this regard. SMEG is a well known kitchen appliance manufacturer headquartered in Italy, started its operations in 1948, by Vittorio Bertazzoni. The word SMEG can be expanded as Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. SMEG began its business as a metal enameling factory. Later they have started manufacturing “Retro” refrigerators and became one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances in Italy. Bertazzoni family is still managing the company from the beginning and its head quarters are in Guastalla, Italy. SMEG products are coming with a “Made in Italy” stamping, which is a proof of its ingenious craftsmanship. SMEG refrigerators are recognized for its simple looking and elegant design.


Smeg FAB28 is a Retro Fridge in Black color and available in a price of £829.90. It is a classic 50 style refrigerator. Smeg FAB28RP is a 271 Litre Retro Style Fridge with an Ice Box attached with it which is in Cream color. A Smeg FAB28RP is available in the market for a price of £905.27. Another product of SMEG, Smeg FAB28LAZ is a 256 Litre Retro Style Fridge with an Ice Box in Pastel Blue color and is available in a price of £1,049. Smeg FAB28RV is the same type model with a Pastel Green colored Ice Box, has the same price.


Smeg Fab28qv, Smeg FAB28LO Fridge, Smeg FAB28RP Tall Fridge, Smeg FAB28QNE Retro Fridge Freezer, Smeg SMEFFC02, Smeg FAB30BLS6, Smeg FAB28RH FAB28QV Fridge Pastel Green, Smeg FAB10P Cream Retro Refrigerator, Smeg Fab28ybl, Smeg FAB28RV Fridge, Smeg FAB10NE etc are other models available with SMEG in UK. These products are available in a price range of ₤585 to£1,285.99.


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