wine refrigerators

If you are a person who prefers to relax with a perfectly chilled glass of wine or if you love to host a party at home with friends on every weekend, then it seems to have sense for a person who invests in a wine refrigerator. It will appear to have more sense if you have a hobby of wine collection, but you should be very careful while you select a wine refrigerator. There are different types of wine refrigerators available in the market, for you to select. When you are concerned about saving energy at the same time you want to have fine wine, a thermoelectric wine cooler can be the best option you can rely upon.


The thermoelectric wine refrigerators are very much efficient in its operations, and they are also environment friendly because they don’t emit any ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs or HCFCs. Their energy usage also less when compare with many other models of refrigerators. They are designed to operate without a traditional compressor, so they are not associated with any moving parts in it, so there will not be any vibration. Also a thermoelectric wine refrigerator does not make much sound while it operates. When compare them with the traditional refrigerator, they make only very lesser noise.


As discussed above, there are different sizes of wine refrigerators. If you have a very large wine collection, you can have a large wine refrigerator, although you can have single bottle wine refrigerator such as Vinotemp single bottle chiller. As in the case of every other refrigerators, a wine refrigerator also select on the basis of 3 factors. The amount of wine you have to store, the space available in your kitchen to locate the wine refrigerator. There are a lot of companies, which are in the field of manufacture of wine refrigerators. Selecting a good brand needs a lot of research about its models. Gorenje, Whirlpool, Samsung, Miele, LEC, Hotpoint, Liebherr etc are some of the brands which are producing world class models of wine refrigerators.


Gorenje XWC660 is a model of wine refrigerator which can be built under Wine Store, while Whirlpool ARC2050 is a freestanding wine cellar. Samsung RW33EBSS1 Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel, Miele KWT4154UG 1 Wine Cooler, Whirlpool freestanding wine cellar ARC2150, LEC Wine & Beer Chiller, LEC DF50GC Wine and Beer Fridge, Black/Silver, Hotpoint WE26X Wine Cellar (Stainless Steel) (WE26X), Liebherr GWUES1753 Commercial Wine Cabinet with Glass Door, Miele KWL4712Sed Wine Cooler etc are also there in the list of different models of wine refrigerators, available in the market. They are available in a price range od £129 to £1,486.


If you are here to purchase a wine refrigerator, you have reached the right place, where you can do it.  Here in, we compare all the models of wine refrigerators for you, on the basis of your needs, space availability and budget. We also can help you to shop online.