Best Tumble Dryer

best tumble dryer

The tumble dryers have become an indispensable appliance in almost all households. Today, with the advancement in technology, this machine is more than just meant for washing clothes, but it has a whole lot of features that it has made our life much easier. Tumble dryers are combinations of both washing machines and dryers. Their goal is to help ease the lack of space with the ever-shrinking flat size and increasing numbers of electronic gadgets required to live in this century.


There are many types of tumble dryers available in the market today. The major home appliance companies offer a wide range of tumble dryers with excellent features. If you are looking for a tumble dryer, the best way to find them is by doing an online search. How can you make sure that which tumble dryer is the best one that provides excellent performance with cool features to ease your workload? There are certain aspects that determine the quality of a tumble dryer. They are:

  • Spin Speed: Spin speeds are how fast the washing machine will spin the clothes to remove water from it. They are measured in rpm (revolutions per minute). Tumble dryers fall into these spin speed ranges- 1000 rpm - 1499 rpm and 1500 rpm - 1999 rpm. Higher rpm speeds offer the advantage of quicker drying. However, higher spin speeds create more noise, wear, and tear on the machine.

  • Loading Capacity: Tumble dryers have two loading capacities. The washing capacity is the maximum amount of clothes that can be washed. Drying capacity is the maximum amount of clothing that can be dried. Both are measured in weight. Drying capacity will often be less than wash capacity. Here are standard washing and drying capacity ranges: Washing capacity: 4.5 - 4.9 kg, 5 - 5.4 kg, 5.5 - 5.9 kg, 6 - 10.2 kg. Drying capacity will also have the same ranges and an option of less than 4.4 kg. 5 kg or less is appropriate for a single person. For each additional person, go up a category.

  • Energy Ratings: It is rated on a scale of A-G and can include exact numbers in kwh of energy use. You can also see AAA ratings and A++ ratings where each additional character is a higher rating.

  • Water Consumption: Water consumption is the overall water used for a load. It is measured in litres.

  • Noise Level: The noise levels of washing machines are measured in decibels (dB). They usually fall into these noise ranges: Less than 40 dB, 40 - 50 dB, 50 - 60 dB, 60 - 70 dB, 70 - 80 dB. Machines that are 45 dB or less are labelled super silent. Many fall into the 50-60 dB range.

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