Bosch Tumble Dryers

bosch tumble dryers

Bosch, one of the modern industrial giant, began its successful journey in 1886. Bosch Appliances are now available in 100 countries across the globe. Bosch tumble dryers are highlighted for their quietness, performance, energy usage and ease of use. Bosch dishwashers earned the highest ranking based on overall customer satisfaction with operational performance, including energy efficiency and product quietness, as well as product design and ease of use. The tumble dryers from Bosch have a price range of £250 - £700.00. The following are some of the models from Bosch.


The new Bosch WTE84102GB Tumble Dryer has condenser type drying system. Maximum washing load that this Bosch tumble dyer can hold is 6 kilo grams. It has touch control system with 9 different programs allowing you to select the drying type among the various options supported. This tumble dryer has a height of 33.14 inches, width 24 inches and depth 24.6 inches. The energy efficiency rating of this new tumble dryer is ‘C’. Bosch WTE8630SGB Tumble Dryer with capacity of 5.99 kg. Immensely useful and highly recommended for the multitasking folks, it dries every piece of clothe efficiently without damaging the fibres of natural, mixed or artificial clothes. Designed in dimensions of (H) 84.2 cm x (W) 59.79 cm x (D) 62.51 cm, it is rated ‘C’ in energy efficiency.


The drum volume of Bosch WTV74307GB Tumble Dryer is 112 litres and the capacity of the tumble dryer is 7 kg. A very comfortable freestanding design makes it convenient to be placed in the space. It is an Air-vented dryer type. Front loading design helps the user in easy loading of the clothes. Drying Time Selector is another remarkable feature of this appliance. This Bosch tumble dryer has got adjustable drying temperature to conveniently adjust the temperature.


Bosch WTS8650BGB Freestanding Tumble Dryer is available with a capacity of 7.99kg. Powered by electricity, this dryer can be easily installed and facilitates front loading. This dryer designed in a freestanding manner has moisture-sensors for added convenience. The sizes of this tumble dryer are 84.18cm x 59.79cm x 62.48cm. Enclosed in black colour, the unit weighs 44.98kg. The energy consumption of Bosch WTA4007GB Tumble Dryer is 3.35kWh. The electric heating system is available in this device. The other features supported in this dryer are electronic control panel, final cool tumble, fluff filter, reverse action, stacking option and timer. The maximum spin speed supported by the unit is 1400 rpm. The capacity of the drum is 5kg. The dimensions of the device are 85cm (height) and 60cm (width).


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