Candy Tumble Dryers

candy tumble dryers

Today, tumble dryers have become a common and standard household appliance. They are available in many kinds, sizes and designs. They provide timesaving features and options to clean and dry all your clothes properly. Your choice of such tumble dryers depends mostly on quality of the product, performance, space requirements, capacity requirements, and lifestyle needs of your home. By means of our website we can help you to know more on the models of Candy tumble dryers, its features and prices. We also give best offers and discounts on selected products. Let’s have a look at some of the Candy tumble dryers within the price range of £200.00 - £ 499.00.


The sleek Candy GOC218 Tumble Dryer is an 8 kilograms capacity dryer, which requires no venting and has large doors for easy loading. Its highly efficient reverse action causes lesser crumbling and creasing while the 150 minutes timed drying, Fast Iron cycle and 2 Heat Settings technique lessens the work load. The unique dryer of Candy GOC218 Front Loading Tumble Dryer is ideal for larger families as it can easily accommodate 17 damp clothes and larger towels. The easy iron programs with 10 minutes program uses a low heat and low tumble drying action. The capacity of Candy CDV262 Tumble Dryer is 6kg. The depth, height and width of this Candy tumble dryer are 23.62 inches, 33.47 inches and 23.62 inches respectively. The manufacturer offers 5 years warranty to the product. The tumble dryer works using electric power. The energy efficiency class of the device is ‘C’. The energy consumption of the machine per kilogram is 3.96kWh. The product comes with reverse tumble action too. Timer control is included in the system which enables the device to do the functions properly.


Candy GOV117 Tumble Dryer is the newly manufactured product exclusively designed for efficient drying. It can offer numerous benefits to users like timer control, remaining time display, electric heating system, loading capacity up to 7 kilograms, front loading method, and air venting drying system. The drying capacity of the device is 7 kilograms, which is a measure of the unit’s capacity to dry 7 kilograms of wet clothes in one drying session. Venting drying system is used in the device for giving you effective drying results. It has come with free standing design. Electric power is needed for effective functioning and it is graded as "C" in energy efficiency. The unit will require energy up to 3.96 kWh at 800 revolutions per minute.


The Candy brand name came into being in 1946. Since then its progress has been marked by extraordinary success. In 1954 Candy made a decisive move in washing traditions with the first semi-automatic washing machine with a spinner. While the washing machine was being refined, enriched and “learning” to save water and energy, the Stipomatic, the first Candy dishwasher, was launched. Presently, Candy is considered as one of the leading home appliance company in the global market.