Creda Tumble Dryers

creda tumble dryers

Creda is an electronic appliance company owned by Indesit. The wide variety of products from Creda include Gas cooker, Electric cooker, Tumble dryers and Spin dryers. Creda has two types of tumble dryers: Vented dryers and Condensed dryers. Vented and Condenser. Vented tumble dryers produce damp air as they dry your clothes. This damp air is released through a plastic hose. Where as, Condenser dryers collect the moisture in a water reservoir that can be emptied after each drying cycle. Some of the popular tumble dryers from Creda include:


The Creda S202 Tumble Dryer has a 4 kg drying capacity and works on vented system of drying. This free standing drying appliance has top loading system and spins at the speed of 2800 rpm. This electric Vented Tumble Dryer is very sleek and compact measuring 62 cm in height, 34.5 cm in width and 34.5 cm in depth. This wonderfully designed dryer features a safety door which when opened during functioning will automatically switch off the appliance. The 4 kg capacity drum is made up of stainless steel which is an advantage as you can use both hot and cold water while drying. It also has 2 carrying handles. Creda T522VW Tumble Dryer powered by electricity is a vented reverse dryer that has 2 cycles. The stackable option in it ensures superb space savings and this home dryer is convenient and easy to operate. Ensured to be energy efficient for maximum load of 5 kg this smart freestanding tumble dryer is designed in dimensions of (H) 84.99 cm x (W) 59.51 cm x (D) 56.49 cm.


Creda S102GW Tumble Dryer with energy efficiency rating of ‘D’, it has air vented drying system with a load capacity of 4 kilograms. The spin speed is 2800 RPM and ensures quick dryness. The top loading design assures easy and quick loading of wet clothes. Designed in dimensions of (H) 63.5 cm x (W) 38 cm x (D) 38 cm, this Freestanding Tumble Dryer maintains its uniqueness of design and functions at economic rate, making it affordable for all. Creda TCR14 Tumble Dryer saves lot of space with its compact and sleek design. Dimension of (Width) 595 mm, (Height) 850 mm, (Depth) 610 mm allows easy placement of the unit. This device is capable of drying 13 lb of clothes that is 6 kg at one load. Condenser is the drying technology implemented in this device which offers remarkable drying performance. With reverse action you are provided with better results.


The price range of the above mentioned models is from £115.00 - £354.00. Are you in search of a Creda tumble dryer that provides high quality and performance and still suits your budget? Then you have come to the right place. At we give you the best products available in the market today at a very affordable and reasonable price. The best aspect of our website is that you can compare different models of the same brand plus their features and prices.